What Drove The Sugar Trade Essay

The sugar trade was driven by the demand for sugar in Europe. Sugar was a luxury item in Europe, and the Caribbean had a monopoly on sugar production. The sugar trade was also driven by the demand for slaves. Slaves were needed to work the plantations in the Caribbean, and the majority of slaves came … Read more

Essay on Stonehenge Conspiracy Theory

The Island of Britain, home to the British Empire, was not always a major player on the world stage. In truth, until the Roman conquest, the inhabitants of the island were considered to be culturally backward. Bronze Age Britain is a far cry from the world power it is today, and is surprisingly understudied. However, … Read more

Essay On Colonial Georgia

The last of the thirteen colonies, and named after King George II, Colonial Georgia served as a safe haven and as a means to protect South Carolina. Colonial Georgia was established in 1733, fifty years after the original twelve by General James Oglethorpe. He and a trusted group of colonists intended to create the colony … Read more

Salutary Neglect Definition Essay

The Meaning and Definition of Salutary Neglect Salutary Neglect was a long-standing British Policy in the 13 colonies which allowed the colonists to flout, or violate, the laws associated with trade. There were no effective enforcement agencies, and it was expensive to send British troops to America. The British policy of Salutary Neglect was not … Read more

Essay on Slavery In The Caribbean

Slavery had been going on for hundreds of years in the Caribbean. The European powers dominated and exploited the region for its riches, resources, and its people and provided an oppressed servile class of Africans to use as a labor resource. The slaves would work on plantations against their will without any regard for their … Read more