Colonial Unity

The Thirteen Colonies were a group of colonies of Great Britain on the Atlantic coast of North America. These colonies were founded between 1607 and 1733. The American Revolution was a war fought between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain. The main leader of the Thirteen Colonies was Benjamin Franklin. The colonists had developed a … Read more

North Carolina Colony Essay

The Founding of the Colony of North Carolina In the 1580’s British established two colonies in North Carolina, both in which they failed. However, in the 1600s permanent settlers from Virginia began to move to North Carolina, and it eventually became part of a British colony known as “Carolina. ” North Carolina was first settled … Read more

Essay On Colonial Georgia

The last of the thirteen colonies, and named after King George II, Colonial Georgia served as a safe haven and as a means to protect South Carolina. Colonial Georgia was established in 1733, fifty years after the original twelve by General James Oglethorpe. He and a trusted group of colonists intended to create the colony … Read more

Roanoke Colony Research Paper

Colonial America depended on the natural environment to meet basic needs of the people and the colony. Colonial America also had regional differences among culture or historical reason for establishment as a colony. The three big geographic location were the South, Middle, and the New England colonies. In the South you had Virginia and in … Read more

Religion In The 13 Colonies Essay

An important aspect of history is the beliefs of individuals. It is because of the beliefs of people that they choose to do something that impacts many other things. An example of this is religion with the Puritans. The Puritans were the individuals who created the Thirteen Colonies during the 1600s. Religion is the reason … Read more