Why Do You Want To Be A CNA Essay

There are many reasons why someone might want to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). For some, it is a calling to help others in their time of need. Others may be drawn to the field due to the potential for job stability and good pay. And still others simply enjoy working with people and have a natural ability to care for others.

Whatever the reason, if you are considering a career as a CNA, you likely have many questions about what the job entails and what it will be like working in the field. Here, we will attempt to answer some of those questions and give you a better idea of what to expect if you do choose to pursue a career as a CNA.

What does a CNA do?

A certified nursing assistant is a vital member of the healthcare team. CNAs typically work in hospitals, nursing homes, or other long-term care facilities. They provide basic patient care and perform tasks such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients. They also take vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature, and report any changes to the nurse in charge.

CNAs often form close bonds with their patients and their families. They may be the primary caregiver for a patient during their stay in the hospital or nursing home. As such, they play an important role in providing emotional support to both patients and their loved ones.

What are the requirements to become a CNA?

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you must first complete a state-approved training program. These programs typically take between four and twelve weeks to complete and include both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience. Once you have completed the training program, you must then pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam to become certified.

What are the hours like?

The hours for a CNA can vary depending on where they work. CNAs who work in hospitals or other 24-hour facilities may work shifts that include evenings, nights, or weekends. CNAs who work in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities typically work regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

What is the job outlook for CNAs?

The job outlook for CNAs is very positive. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, and the need for qualified CNAs is expected to grow along with it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment ofCNAs is expected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.

What are the benefits of being a CNA?

There are many benefits to being a CNA. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from helping others, CNAs also enjoy stable jobs and good pay. The median annual salary for CNAs was $28,530 in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And because the demand for CNAs is expected to grow in the coming years, job security is also high.

What are the drawbacks of being a CNA?

Like any job, there are some drawbacks to being a CNA. The hours can be long and sometimes unpredictable, and the work can be physically and emotionally demanding. CNAs must be able to deal with sick and often dying patients on a daily basis. They must also be comfortable working with little supervision and taking direction from nurses and other medical staff.

Despite the challenges, many people find that the rewards of being a CNA far outweigh the drawbacks. If you are considering a career in healthcare, becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great place to start.

I always believed I would be a nurse when I grew up. It was a promise that I had made since childhood. Realizing that my parents would have difficulty affording the cost of education, I thought about enlisting in the army to receive school and training for free. As my high school graduation date approached, I determined to take “a break” from education. So rather than going to college or enlisting, I decided not to go.

Instead I took a job in customer service. After a while, I realized that it wasn’t for me. I really wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives.

I remembered my dream of being a nurse and began researching what I would need to do to make it happen. That’s when I found out about Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). CNAs provide basic patient care and perform tasks that support nurses and other medical staff. They work closely with patients, providing them with emotional support and helping them with activities of daily living.

I decided that becoming a CNA was the best way for me to start on my path to becoming a nurse. It would allow me to gain the experience and knowledge I need to eventually become a registered nurse. It would also give me the opportunity to help people and make a difference in their lives, which is something I really want to do.

So, that’s why I want to be a CNA. It’s a stepping stone to my ultimate goal of becoming a nurse and it will allow me to help people in a way that I find very rewarding.


I had been working as a CNA for two years before I realized that my funds were running low. So I decided to go back to training to become a certified nurse’s aide (CNA). It didn’t take long and nursing home cna jobs were just abundant. My first position as a CNA was at a nursing home. It was wonderful, but it was very hard work.

Following that, I worked on the med-surg floor of Cabell Huntington Hospital as a cna. This validated my belief that I enjoy this type of employment. The pay wasn’t terrible either. Because I was unmarried at the time, I had enough money for myself. I still wasn’t ready to commit to schooling.

I had a blast working as a CNA and meeting all kinds of interesting people. The work was always different. I would have some days where everything was calm and I could do my job with no problem. Other days were hectic and I was running around all day trying to keep up. No matter what kind of day it was, I always felt like I was making a difference in someone’s life. That is why I want to be a CNA. Nursing is a demanding profession, but it is also very rewarding. When you are taking care of someone, you are not just doing your job, you are making a difference in their life. That is why I want to be a nurse. It is not just a job, it is a calling.

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