Write An Essay On Becoming A Sports Doctor

What are the steps taken to enter the fields in sports medicine? To become a sport medicine physician your required to have an a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Most sport medicine doctor complete Doctor of Medicine (DM) or Doctor of Osteopathic (DO). Both of this fields involve four year of biology, biochemistry, anatomy, and any other class that deals with science. Three to four year of clinical residences training. Every single state in the United States require medical doctors to be licensed, so sport medicine doctor have to check with their state licensing board for there require. However some doctor might not meet all of the requirements.

Although, you don’t really have to become a doctor when you get a degree from sports medicine. You can also become a athletic trainer that work with physicians and coaches take care and trying to prevent illness or injuries. One of the requirements for licensure is to successfully pass the NATA certification examination. Most athletic trainers work at high schools, college or professional level.

Some however, do work at clinics helping out a sport medicine doctor as an assistant. You can also become a sports nutritionist, they help you maintain a health weight of life style. Nutritionist also study dietary patterns that help you prevent many disease by being overweighted. They help you improve your health. If you would like to become a Sports Nutritionist, you must complete an undergraduate degree. That not all, you must complete a nine month ADA (American Dietetics Association).

What starting salary should you be expecting by getting a degree in sports medicine? With an undergraduate degree or no experience don’t expecting earning as much, you may earn from 18,000- 30,000 as an annual bases. So before you start going into sports medicine careers you should ask someone who has already graduated from that degree. Ask question do not get fooled You have the opportunities.

An annual pay would be from 100,000 – 200,000. Even though people like making money and love helping out people with there athletes abilities. Then this field of learning is better for you. Your salary can also depend on where your employed at. Not just because you take that career mean you will earn that money right away. Some places where you can get employed might not have as much experience as you think and that would be a reason you don’t earn as much money.

Some common sport injuries can be a concussion caused by a severe head injury. Muscle cramps, ACL sprains, ACL tears, ankle sprains, shin splints, muscle strains, and that why someone that is certified to help out like an athletic trainer or someone who has studied and has a living job of sports medicine can help out while more help come on the way.

If there are people that can help out to try and save a persons life must be kind of challenging. Because you might be scared and not wanted every to surround you and just watch what your doing. Most athletic trainers get nervous and they will just say help in on the way. They feel like they are pressured by the people that are just watching what there doing so they will just make up there own conclusions.

Sports medicine is a great career to take if you like helping out people when they are injured a lot of athletes get injured by the roughness they play. They get severe injuries and which could cause they to die. But they not knowing just think its funny play hard and tough just to show themselves off. However, if your willing to help athletes out then do it. If you don’t push yourself out to do what you want and listen what everyone says. Your just going to make your life harder and harder which you will be the only one that causes that.

You can make your own decision if you get to what you have dreamed about. Sports medicine is focused on helping people improve their athletic abilities. if your at a young age and you are interested in sports medicine, consider volunteer with medical personnel at your school, at a clinic, where you can try and experience what you want to do later in life. If you get into a primary care in sports medicine your looking at getting 10 years of education in college.