Zootopia Stereotypes Essay

The film Zootopia by Walt Disney is a funny and heartwarming story taking place in Zootopia , “a city like no other”. Zootopia is a place where humans never existed and animals took over and created cities and habitats that mimic those of human civilization. The film Zootopia has many interesting aspects, notably the presence of many different types of different animals living together in Zootopia. Zootopia has mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles all living together in one city. Zootopia is a place where the stereotypes we form about certain animals no longer apply.

For example, we expect bears to be big and mean and we expect rabbits to be small and meek. Zootopia takes these expectations and turns them upside down as we see that there are small but super-mean bears (such as the character Mr. Big) and some enormous bunnies who are very sweet (the giant bunny farm which supplies Zootopia’s rabbit population). There are also many other forms of diversity in Zootopia including some which are less obvious at first glance, such as Zootopia’s different districts which are each shaped to accommodate the species who live in them.

Zootopia has a district “for the cute and cuddly animals” called Tundra Town, Zootopia has an industrial district known as Sahara Square , Zootopia has a city-district for small rodents named Little Rodentia and Zootopia also has distinct areas for desert animals (such as camels) and aquatic animals (such as polar bears). Other aspects of Zootopia that are worth mentioning include Zootopia being in a place where predators have evolved into what they are today without the limitations of being held back by their innate desire to prey on other mammals.

The Zootopia Police Department is portrayed as a place where animals of all types, whether they are predators or prey, can work together to solve Zootopia’s toughest cases. Zootopia also shows the power of friendship and how it can impact people in life-changing ways. Zootopia tells us that friendship beats stereotypes and gives us hope through its protagonist Judy Hopps and her best friend Nick Wilde . These two unlikely companions find themselves working together for what turns out to be a bigger cause than either could have ever imagined.

Zootopia takes an important message from the film Miracle on 34th Street saying that “no gift is too small to make some kind of difference” and applies with Zootopia saying that “no dream is too big to come true”. Zootopia gives us an important message that just because someone may be small does not mean they cannot achieve something great. Zootopia inspires children and adults alike to go out into the world and accomplish their goals no matter what size or shape you are, Zootopia tells us “you can do anything”.

Zootopia also sheds light on the topic of stereotypes, namely how negative stereotyping can lead one to make assumptions about others. Zootopia shows this through the character of Nick Wilde who has been ostracized his whole life because people have pre-judged him based on his appearance alone i. e. he looks like a fox so he must be sly, sneaky and untrustworthy. Zootopia also shows this through the character of Judy Hopps who is a rabbit and assumed to be meek, weak and incapable of doing anything on her own.

Zootopia takes these stereotypes and applies them in a way that makes viewers think about the negative assumptions we make every day about who people are based on what they look like. Zootopia tells us it does not matter if you’re a fox or a rabbit, what matters is who you are inside . Zootopia displays an excellent message for society by showing us how negative stereotyping can lead one to believe certain things about others when in reality one should never judge someone based on their outward appearance because you never know what an individual may be capable of achieving.

Zootopia displays a positive message for the future of society and gives us hope that one day we may be able to grow out of our prejudices and perceive others for who they really are on the inside. Zootopia tells us that just because someone looks different does not mean that they should be judged or seen as inferior . Zootopia shows us how important it is to allow everyone an opportunity to prove themselves such as when Judy Hopps joins ZPD and becomes Zootopia’s first ever rabbit police officer despite other animals expressing their disbelief in her abilities to do her job upon seeing her small stature.

Zootopia proves itself through showing its viewers what can happen if we take away judgement based on stereotypes and give everyone a chance, even those who appear small and meek on the outside like Judy Hopps . Zootopia is worth seeing for its glimpse into what our future may one day be like. Zootopia shows us that stereotypes are formed in society today but it also tells us that they can be broken down if we set our minds to it.

Zootopia gives us hope through telling us that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it, no matter who or what you are, Zootopia tells us “you can do anything”. Zootopia opens up a discussion of how negative stereotyping impacts people’s lives every day and Zootopia works to show people how important it is to put aside one’s preconceived notions about others because just because someone looks different does not mean that they have a different set of skills , Zootopia tells us to give everyone a chance and Zootopia shows us what the world could look like if we all did just that.

Zootopia is well worth seeing, Zootopia helps people understand how stereotypes work and Zootopia inspires people to think about the ways in which negative stereotyping impacts their own lives as well as others’ every day . Zootopia may be a children’s film but Zootopia carries a very mature message for viewers of any age. The importance of Zootopia cannot be overstated because Zootopia makes viewers contemplate important issues such as how stereotypes can impact others’ lives without them even knowing it.

In order for Zootopia to make its point about how negative stereotyping can be detrimental Zootopia uses a future setting where prey and predators coexist. Zootopia gives us a picture of what our world could look like if we do away with the stereotypes that have been forced upon predators by making Zootopia’s characters aware of their pasts. Zootopia shows us that just because one has been judged based on their appearance does not mean one must remain as such, Zootopia shows us how much better life can be when you grow out of your prejudices and learn to see others as they really are.

Zootopia displays an amazing message for those who watch it, Zootopia is filled with wonderful lessons for children and adults alike which makes Zootopia well worth seeing. Zootopia tells us that even if someone is small they can achieve big things through Zootopia’s protagonist Judy Hopps who shows us that she can be Zootopia’s first-ever rabbit police officer despite the doubts casted by her co-workers when they see her small stature.

Zootopia drives its point home about how stereotypes are formed in society today through telling viewers what Zootopia would look like if we put aside our prejudices and grew out of negative stereotyping which Zootopia successfully does because Zootopia gives examples of animals who have been able to escape their pasts. Zootopia encourages people to think about how stereotypes affect their lives as well as others’ every day.

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