Concussions In Professional Football Essay

concussions Karson Barber During this century there has been a large danger to everyone. Concussions are that danger. The definition of a concussion is a brain injury caused by a blow to the head or violent shaking of head or body. During a concussion the brain is moving back and forth. This destroys brain cells and causes a chemical effect in the brain. NFL retired players are showing a big impact that affects their lives. A new disease that is caused by a blow to the head is called CTE every football player has a risk .

Just because a person doesn’t show the signs and symptoms of a concussion doesn’t mean that they don’t have an injury. If NFL football decreases brain activity then every player has the risk to not just a concussion but brain disease and future effects. At all levels of football there is a risk of traumatic head injuries . In the national football league it has been a huge problem. Over 40% of former Nfl players are shown to have abnormal brains structure. Dr. frank conidi did a lot of research, he found 40 retired NFL players that had been retired for 5 years and did a lot of research.

Conidi found that most of them could be classified as traumatic brain injuries. All of these former players have suffered from brain injuries. This makes it hard to learn and remember things. Concussions are the most common injury in football but also the most dangerous . Any contacts to one’s head can have big future results. Nfl players are at the biggest risk,not just of concussions but also of a disease called CTE. This is a very bad brain disease. As it says on www. bu. edu, “CTE is a progresive degenerative desease of the brain found in athletes with a history of repedative head trauma. NFL players are targeted the most.

It is not just what it does to the brain but what it makes the brain look like. It turns the brain a rusty brown and black color. What CTE looks like is not the problem. This disease can be partly related to Alzheimer’s. Both disease cause less brain activity ,and memory loss. CTE also causes aggression, impulse control problems and depression. When a person has CTE there brain shrinks making learning and brain function harder for that person. This disease and its symptoms come from head contact especially in the national football league.

Every concussion can be different. concussions are a tricky and sometimes hard to recognize. This is a large problem in the NFL. There is always a risk to a head injury every time you’re in the game. As it says in the health. clevelandclinic. org article, What’s tricky about a concussion is that it’s so subjective. A hit that causes a concussion in one person might not in another because of differences in body structure, such as neck musculature from person to person. ” This means that others are stronger and have less impact when hit to the head. This is what is causing problems in overall football players.

Some athletes will have a blow to the head and not think anything of it. Just because one does not show symptoms doesn’t mean that they don’t have an injury. This is a disease called Second Impact Syndrome. This is a big problem in the NFL. When a player is hit minorly in the head it makes them more vulnerable to a concussion. This situation is very bad, after the first blow to the head the brain is healing and it is tender making an actual concussion twice as bad. SIS can be second minutes or even days after impact to the head. After one has a concussion there brain is in a sense of shock.

The brain is recovering and is very tender as said earlier. A higher risk is then given. When someone hits their head or has head impacts again during a concussion has a killer risk. Not just learning and motor skills will be affected. Memory loss is going to be worse than a normal “bad concussion”. This is the most dangerous situation and almost least seen. As it tells in the second impact syndrome article by www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov. ” If, within several weeks, the athlete returns to play and sustains a second head injury, diffuse cerebral swelling, brain herniation, and death can occur”.

That tells that SIS is the most dangerous thing one can get during a concussion. Some people will think that players get concussions because of an accidental hit, but some concussions are caused by a big player that isn’t happy with another. They use their body weight and size to cause an injury. The average weight for an NFL linebacker is 248 pounds. A linebacker is probably the player that tackles the most. When a linebacker is at a high speed he carries about 1600 pounds of force. This could literally kill a person if hit in the right spot. This is a huge problem in football.

Not just a concussion happens but a lifetime effect on the brain. For example antonio brown is a well known football player. He plays wide receiver for the steelers. On january 15, 2016 Antonio brown was going out for a pass when the steelers were down 18-16. He went up to catch it missed and received a major concussion. This event was also described by Dr. Robert Cantu. He described this as “a rotational concussion among the worse a player can suffer. ” In the article it gave an example where the brain would be a bowl of spaghetti that is suddenly “flung out of an airplane”.

All the little pieces of the brain is changed and basically smashed. Dr. Robert Cantu also made a second scientific discovery. An f-16 fighter jet rolling in goes at a G-force of 9. Cantu tells, “During a helmet to helmet or head on hit the G_force is between 100 and 150”. The amount of stress and collision is absolutely crazy. The amount of power coming from 2 helmets can have lifetime effects and sometimes ruin one’s life causing disease and health problems. In conclusion concussions can affect a person to an amount that can change their life. In the Nfl There are so many risks that one person can have.

The brain is the most sophisticated part of the human body this makes it also the most fragile. When a person is hit to the head there is so much force that decreases the chance of not sustaining a brain injury. There have been thousands of tests on concussions and their effects are all similar. A concussion is no good. Concussions are the most common injury in football but it is also the most dangerous. There is a disease that players who have had multiple concussions that almost shrinks the brain this is called CTE. Yes, football is the number one reason people get concussions.