Brain Tumors In The Brain Essay

Brain tumors are abnormal growth of tissue in the brain or spinal cord. This abnormal growth disrupts the normal functions of the brain. Brain tumors are categories based on where they originated and whether they are cancerous or noncancerous. They can be benign which means they do not contain cancer cells, they grow slowly, and … Read more

Essay on Football Concussions

The National Football League has recently faced a class-action lawsuit from hundreds of ex-football players regarding the lifelong effects of football concussions. The NFL has settled its brain trauma case in September of 2013 with an agreement to pay out $765 million to 4500 football retirees (Ezell). Concussions have become a major issue in not … Read more

Brain Injuries In Football Essay

Brain injuries in football have to be prevented at all cost. The sport is very dangerous on all levels. The proper safety is not in place to protect the players lives. Many lives have been affected negatively and some lives were even lost due to violent nature of the game. As the captain of the … Read more