Concussions In Professional Sports Essay

“Tunderstand the seriousness of concussions” – Peyton Manning. “Maybe I’m stupid or whatever, But to me if I got a concussion, I could see straight and carry a football than I’m not telling anybody” – Ricky Williams. Most athletes who have played in professional sports normally have had a concussion. Some athletes have had more … Read more

NFL Head Injuries Essay

A concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury, results from a blow to the head (“NFL Head Injuries”). The concussion epidemic, an ever rising problem in sports today, has become very prominent, especially in the NFL. With the new research that has surfaced in the last couple years, the NFL has received grief … Read more

Essay on Football Concussions

The National Football League has recently faced a class-action lawsuit from hundreds of ex-football players regarding the lifelong effects of football concussions. The NFL has settled its brain trauma case in September of 2013 with an agreement to pay out $765 million to 4500 football retirees (Ezell). Concussions have become a major issue in not … Read more

Concussion In Sports Essay

American football is a well-known sport throughout the USA and most likely the world. Professional football players are rich and a lot of them are seriously injured like having concussion. By the time a player retires from the sport they might go through many concussion in the time spent playing the sport. Some factor like … Read more