Creative Writing: Queen Panda Essay

Queen Panda Pt. 1 It’s a dark cloudy day and the wind is calm, a rolling fog sweeps through the grounds of Castle Panda. The ruler of this land is the beautiful, graceful, and talented Panda Queen whose name is Chevi. She is believed be the incarnation of the great goddess by many, so she’s tended for as such. A gentle rain begins as she sits at her throne, looking out at her kingdom. “Excuse me your highness, but you have a visitor! He claims to be a king, from a distant, empty land. We aren’t sure what to do with him, Shall | send him in? ” You sit puzzled not so used to having royal visitors. “I demand a feast to honor our foreign guest!

Serve the finest Monster and the best pasta! Bring him to see me while the kitchen prepares the feast! ” The gorgeous queen commands and sits back on her throne as the servants escort the king to her. He looks shy and timid and walks with his head down low, he hears a lovely voice. “Why did you come before me king…..? ” “Taco you may call me Taco” he bows and kisses her hand an she smiles a little, there eyes lock and they can’t look away from each other. “Okay Taco” Queen panda says as she turns her head slightly and smiles. “I feel like I know you King Taco but | don’t, we are holding a feast in your honor, I insist you freshen up. The queen walks mysteriously into her chamber and a guard approaches the King. “Tell me why you have come here” he says without thought.

“I have come to honor and worship the great goddess whose chosen the beautiful queen panda as her vessel” the king says without hesitation and the guard lets him proceed. He freshens up and is called to the dining hall where her find a magnificently decorated table full of food favored by the Queen, the king is overwhelmed as he looks around to the other end of the table and queen sits waiting and gestures the king to sit near her “I apologize if I disturbed you a’am, by the way you have a lovely kingdom, the purple fits” he says smiling at her and she smiles back. “Thank you Taco” Her head leans down a little and she looks at him in the eyes again before leaning towards him and kissing him passionately and he leans back. “:$ oh my” he says while she gestures her guards to leave. ”

Solhear you came here looking for me” she says running her fingers through the kings hair and she smiles” yes I did, I came to meet the queen/goddess” the king says blushing, his heart beats fast and she grabs his hand and kisses him again, hugging him tight. Well you have met me King Taco! Now what? ” “Hmmm I would like to get to know you more! Not just a small feast silly! ” He says smiling and hugs her back, they felt a close connection since the moment they met. They engage in a loud and spontaneous conversation about life, telling how each came to power all while trying to pinpoint the strange natural connection between them. Queen Panda Pt. 2 They continue to eat, feeding each other while talking back and forth, talking as if they have known each other they’re while life.

King Taco feeds the Panda Goddess the last bite left on the plate and leans closer, lifting her chin and pushing the hair from her cheeks and kisses her passionately, both of them lean deeper into the kiss and he jumps up and pulls her on her feet. “My Queen I’ve felt a great passion since the moment we met, I understand that holding you so close and tasting the sweetness of your lips breaks normal social boundaries but surely you feel it too! Do you believe in love at first site? ” The king says grabbing her hand and beginning to dance, his hand rest on her hip and the small of her back.

She stands on her toes and wraps her arms around his neck and looks deeply into his eyes. “I do King taco” she says shocked and blushing as he guides her graceful body around the dining hall. The music from the orchestra plays louder as they kiss so deeply it feels like it last a lifetime. They finish dancing and she walks the king out onto the boucaney and look out at her kingdom as the sun rises. Queen Panda grabs him and holds him tight and they sit and stare.

They fall asleep outside, she rest in his arms being held until a guard awakens them. Goddess, it is morning time we’ve prepared your daily task! ” “Uhhhhh just just… They can wait guard! Now go away! ” He rushes away as told and she snuggles up closer to him and he wakes up and looks into her eyes. “Good morning Panda queen! Last night was so perfect! l-I love you! ” He says hesitantly not knowing what is going to be said in return. She reaches for his hand and holds it tight, kissing him on the lips aggressively. “I love you too king taco! ” He smiles and cuddles up closer.

“What do you have planned today my goddess?! She jumps up with a sudden realization that her daily tasks included a public performance which she had been putting on hold simply because she gets praised so constantly that it becomes tiresome. “OMGI have to sing to my people as a sign of appreciation and as a gift! But it’s sooo boring king taco! I have to deal with this all the time! ” “Well Queen Panda, it’s your duty as queen to be held so highly! Would you do it for me?! I’d loved to be graced by your performance! If you do it I shall make you the best, biggest cupcake you’ve ever had!!! “Well do you promise?! ” She looks at him excited but slightly pouting and the king holds her hands close to his chest and kisses her aggressively and smiles.

“I promise my Queen!!! The biggest and best cupcake ever!!! And ill be at the performance to cheer you on and worship your goddessness!!! ” She jumps up and down smiling as she pulls him up to her chambers. “Well my king we need to get ready! I had my guards prepare your outfit! ” She shows him the clothes they shower and get dressed preparing for the big show…… Queen Panda Pt. The king and queen finish getting ready, she walks out of her dressing area in short purple a black dress that has lace around the edges, he gazes at her and loses his mind. “Ooh oh myyou’re-you’re stunning! ” The king says rubbing his eyes trying to comprehend her beauty.

King Taco walks over to the pedestal by the entrance to the room and carefully grab the queens tiara and places it on her head, the sun shining in makes her beauty radiate and she grabs the king and kisses him hard, then stands him straight and fixes his bow tie. “Hehe I can see you haven’t worn a bow tie in a while, not use to formal events? “Ehh it’s not my style my goddess, but I need to look good for such royal divinity” He says smiling and poking her cheeks, he grabs her hand an they begin to walk down they halls, they look through the giant stain glass panda and can see the silhouettes of the crowd forming for the performance. “Are you ready Queen? It’s going to be spectacular I cannot wait! ” He pulls her into his arms in a warms embrace and leans down to kiss her again, he holds her chin up high and kisses her hard and she nearly falls back on her feet and he catches her.

“Mmmmmmm there’s a good luck kiss goddess, ill be in the front row of the crowd cheering you on! He says holding her hand as he walks her backstage and kisses her again before walking off. He finds a seat up close in the crowd along with other royalty and waits tensely as the big purple curtain begins to raise, revealing the gorgeous Goddess standing in the dark, a rose colored spotlight light up the queen and the gorgeous glowing distinction of her nut-brown eyes can be seen throughout the arena she places her hand on the microphone and the crowd grows silent in anticipation. Season of love starts to play and the queen projects her lovely voice for all ears to enjoy and the crowd listens with open ears and open hearts.

The King sits on the edge of his seat as he watches. The beauty of her voice causes a tear to run down the kings face and the goddess sees him an they’re eyes lock while she’s on stage. King taco blushing feeling as if the sing is meant for him. she hits the ending high notes and Jose tosses up a bouquet of black and white roses as cheers and whistles and the queen bows, thanking the crowd, especially thanking the king. He hears his name and rushed out if the arena to the backstage and runs up the goddess and lifts her up high an holds her.

“That was simply incredible Goddess I’m just soo… She pulls the king down and kisses him before he an finish talking and smiles at him as they begin to walk out of the arena, watching the crowd disperse. “So King Taco I was promised the biggest, best cupcake ever! Where is it?! :D” she says excitedly grabbing the kings hand and he sweeps her of of her feet and lifts her up high, the sun shines on her face an he just gazes at her then lowers to eye lever and kisses her passionatly, there lips touch and the both feel a rush of electricity through their body and he suddenly starts to dance, waltzing along the path back to the queens quarters.

The skip through the entrance and she sees a 3 foot talk cupcake sitting on a table, it’s covered in icing and designed to look like panda. “Hmmm is that what you were expecting? Remember when sir Nigel, your main guard asked my reason of being here? Since then we’ve been taking and I found out that Red velvet is your favorite kind of cake and pandas are you favorite animal (which I OBVIOISLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN XD) and yess here’s your cupcake my queen!! she smiles as he feeds her like the goddess she is and when she gets her full she grabs taco and starts to kiss him passionately……