Jamestown Colonies Differences Research Paper

Life Differences Between the Colonies Getting to the Americas was a hardship and living in the America was a struggle of itself. The two most know colonies were Jamestown and Plymouth both are famous because of stories have been told at a young age. Those stories that were told had some truth in it but, the rest of the story was made up for pure entertainment because the reality is that story is not really entertaining. These two colonies were different in many ways even by the colonist who lived in the colony. William Bradford and Cap.

John Smith were different writers and leaders of their colony that they were in charge. They had different viewpoints, beliefs and religion. Reasons for going to the new world were polar opposite. Even though, they came here for different things but they made life possible in the America for us this just the beginning of our diverse history. After the failure of the first colony Roanoke , known as the lost colony, King James in that time own a lot money to different people but, he gave land in the new world to those people but in return they still must pay taxes.

Hundred people went in search for gold and a new life , those are things that were taught in US history class about Jamestown. Another story of Jamestown is the Pocahontas story which the story has only some stuff historically accurate. Captain John Smith was captured by Indians but, he put up a fight to them and they admired him for that. The chief was also impressed with him and made John Smith one of the general leader but, Captain John Smith thought that Pocahontas saved him ( in class notes).

Captain John Smith had a huge ego , he used to write in the third-person to talk about himself and of all of the things he did or Jamestown and he was elected president of Jamestown. “… Yet he so demeaned triumphs and conjurations they made of him… ” (pg. 74/class discussions). When he was president there was a simple but strict policy and that was “You don’t work, You don’t eat”. “… committed the managing of all things abroad to Cap. John Smith… ” (Pg. 73). Also, John Smith made the colony rigid and discipline which lead to a strong defense system for Jamestown and in the following years the colony grew ( in class notes).

In April of 1609, John Smith was injured went back to England and got there in October of 1609 and he never returned to Jamestown ( in class notes). The colonist believed that living in the new world that they would find all gold and would become rich. Jamestown is one of the many famous colony there is another colony that started a holiday in November. After feeling that they were being prosecuted by the English, the puritans decided to leave England and move to Amsterdam so they can be free to do their religion.

Then, they started noticing that their children were becoming Dutch and had to move again. They decided to move to the New World so, they got on board the Mayflower in which many died on that dangerous trip. Even arriving there, they still faced many hardships like a starving period and being attacked by the indians of that of area. ” After they enjoyed fair winds and weather for a season” (pg. 78). Later on, supposedly the Indians helped them out and taught them to plant and that on the third week of November they had a feast which is now known as Thanksgiving.

We all know this because a person who was on Mayflower and was a puritan , recorded of all this information in books he wrote and that was William Bradford. He was honest person, he used a lot details in his writing and when he wrote it was only the truth there were no lies made up to be made entertaining. The Puritans believed that God has decided, if they were going to heaven or hell and also they prayed for everything from God to save them from all the danger in their path. ” … ut it pleased God that he caught hold of the top sail halyards which hung overboard and ran out at length. ” (pg. 80)

They came to the new world for they could be allowed to explore and do their religion. The colonist from Plymouth were helpful people and not selfish they cared for everybody’s life. These two different colonies had different lifestyles , beliefs, religion and people who are in charge. Cap. John Smith and William Bradford they were completely different people because one had huge ego while the other was an honest person.

The colonist of Jamestown were members of the Angelica church and the pilgrims, from Plymouth, were Puritans which was part of the England church. The Jamestown citizens were more meaner and ruder than the pilgrims because the Jamestown colonist believed that it is everybody on their own while the pilgrims believed that everybody mattered in their colony. We know more stuff from Plymouth than Jamestown because Bradford recorded everything about his colonist and events. They lived different than each other but, had different beliefs, religion and lifestyle.

If I have been living in that time era I was given the option to go to new world. I would go to new world with Plymouth because they went to the Americas for their own good and religion but the thing that stuck with me, about the Pilgrims was that they cared about each other. That is world I want to live in , because I care about other people and I like being around those type of people. The colonies were a perfect example about how America would be as it was going to be a variety different type of people and different lives to coexist to together to make a good country