Narcissa Malfoy: A Short Story Essay

Narcissa Malfoy had been shocked to receive an invitation to spend the summer with Prince Loki’s family. Even more so after what happened with her husband at Hogwarts. Though she was upset with what happened during that battle and the humiliation it brought her family Narcissa wasn’t about to let a chance to be the acquaintance of Prince Loki and his family go to waste. “Narcissa, Draco. Welcome to the Avenger tower,” Loki greeted as he stepped out of the lift. “Prince Loki,” Nacrissa bowed, “We were honoured to receive your invitation. ” “I didn’t know these muggles had a poltergeist in their tower,” Draco commented.

Loki chuckled, “That is no poltergeist. That is JARVIS, an advanced muggle machine built by the owner of this tower to serve as a servant and loyal retainer of sorts. Now if you will follow me we can join the others up stairs” Loki lead them into the lift and they proceeded up to the top floor, “It is good that you came today as myself and the Avengers will be leaving shortly to go after a dangerous object that must be removed from Midgard as quickly as possible. ” “Oh? Are we to be left with your wife? ” Narcissa asked. She remembered the last time she’d met princess Angel.

The two hadn’t gotten along after it had been discovered that her husband had tried to poison princess Angel. Narcissa had no idea that Lucius would do something like that, but it wasn’t the first time he went too far for his beliefs and it certainly wasn’t the last. Narcissa wondered if there were still ill feelings for her family. After what happened with Lucius at Hogwarts she was sure there had to be some. “Actually it was Angel’s idea to invite you. We decided it would be better for our son to spend his summer with a few magical families as well as his own family,” Loki corrected.

The doors of the lift opened and the three stepped out to the cries of “Ron you git! You cheated. We agreed to not using vclip. ” George had been outraged when Ron won. “I didn’t cheat. You can hide under those logs without vclipping,” Ron defended. “There are areas in those maps that happen to have spots such as that,” Angel commented before looking over to the lift, “Ah, the Malfoys are here. Welcome,” Angel waddled over to them with a friendly smile. “I understand we owe our invitation to you. Thank you princess Angel,” Narcissa bowed. “Draco why don’t you join the others over on the couches.

I’m sure they would enjoy teaching you how to play prop hunt,” Angel suggested. Draco frowned, “Prop hunt? ” Harry turned around, “Come over here and I’ll show you. ” Draco looked to his mother, who gave him a nod then walked over and sat between Harry and Ron. Ron seemed disgruntled at this predicament, “What is that? ” He asked as he looked at the laptop. Tony, who had entered the room in time to hear that sighed, “I am so building computers and cellphones that can hold up to their voodoo. ” “I have a feeling you won’t get around to that for a while,” Loki chuckled.

“Mr. Stark, I have a question about this Twitter you spoke about,” Arthur called from the bar as he looked up from the tablet Tony had lent him. “Artie I told you, call me Tony,” Tony said as he walked over. Just then Steve walked out of the kitchen with a plate of sandwiches for Angel and Angel noticed a subtle look of interest in Narcissa’s eye, as the woman in her late thirties eyed Steve Rogers. “Here you go Angel. If you want more just ask,” Steve said. “Thank you Steve. By the way this is Narcissa Malfoy. Narcissa this is Steve Rogers,” Angel introduced. “A pleasure Mrs. Malfoy,” Steve greeted.

“A pleasure to meet you as well Mr. Rogers,” Narcissa smiled. Loki guided Angel away, “You remember what you said, about getting Narcissa and Draco on the side of light? ” “Yes, I believe I said that only a few minutes ago. Why, what are you thinking? ” Angel asked. “Well the Captain is without a lover and Narcissa no longer trapped under her husband’s influence. Perhaps, with some guidance she might leave him all together for the someone better? Someone who has strong ties to the light? ” Angel knew where Loki was going with this, “Oh? You think Steve is what Narcissa needs to change her ways? ” “I am merely suggesting a way to better that family.

I thought the goal was to bring Narcissa and Draco to the side of light. Was I wrong? ” Angel shook her head, “Even were that an option, doesn’t the Wizarding world have that whole blood thing that more or less traps women and men in their marriage until death claims one or both of them? ” “Come now Dragon, 1 more or less made the Wizarding world. I’m sure I can open their minds to the muggle concept of divorce,” Loki brushed off. “Well I am not as sure, but it would be nice if Narcissa ended up with someone as nice as Steve,” Angel sighed, “Very well then. Let’s do what we can to bring those two together. ”

“Wonderful. ” Hey Lokes. Countdown ’til mission time,” Tony called as he walked past Loki with Arthur following him. “I will be ready,” Loki nodded. LOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKIL OKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKILOKI Loki was somewhat amused by Hydra’s attempts at keeping them away. They kept throwing more and more men at them as they fought their way across Sokovia. He’d heard Hydra’s little “Cut off one head and two more shall take it’s place” moto and the soldiers whom the team were fighting did seem to be trying hard to live up to it. Loki mused how amusing it would be if his wife were on the battlefield with them.

But as she was heavy with their second child there was no way he or anyone on the team were going to let her fight any battles that aren’t verbal or with the kids. “We’ve got an enhanced on the field,” Steve said over the comms. Now this had Loki’s interest. There had been a few enhanced persons that had appeared in the short time since the end of Harry’s third year. Loki was also interested in just what ability this one has. “T’ll go inquire if I can perchance capture them for questioning,” Loki then began wandering the area, picking off Hydra men as he search for trace of the enhanced.