Osomoru: A Fictional Narrative Essay

Osomatsu lied idly on the futon, glad for the peace and quiet. Even though, it was temporary. He sighed, wiping the tears from his face. He was a disgrace, a burden, trash. No, he was lower than trash–scum, that was the appropriate word. A part of him wanted to get caught, so that this madness would end, another just wants to pay these people back so that everything could return to normal again. He couldn’t shake off the cashier’s face from his mind, how terrified she was. “I’m sorry. ” He muttered under his breath, “forgive me, I had to do it. ”

He still dreads for the day his family finds out that he was a serial robber, what would his mother and father say? What would his brother’s say? What would Choromatsu say? Osomatsu turns to his side, “Forgive your stupid eldest brother, he’s useless. ” Just then, his phone rang. He hesitated, he didn’t want to pick up the phone. But, he knew he had to. He slowly reached for his phone, grabbing it and pressing a button to answer the call, “Hello? ” He answered, groggily. “You have another job. ” Osomatsu suppressed a sigh. Of course, he was called into a job rather quickly.

Can’t they leave him in peace? “Where at? ” He decided not to argue, there was no good in arguing with them. “At Fujio bank. ” Osomatsu sat up almost immediately at the name of the bank, “There’s no way, I can do that! That place is heavily armed! I’ll get shot before I can try to–” “I don’t care how you do it,” The man on the other line said, “Either you get us the money or there will be consequences, got it? ” “G-got it. ” He barely stammered out, “T’ll do it. ” Dealing with people who hadn’t paid their debt was part of his job, a Job that he enjoyed.

However, this was starting to get frustrating. Especially, since his ‘client’ hadn’t paid up yet, Mamoru was starting to lose his patience. The door opened to reveal Osomatsu with a man behind him, his hands clamped tightly on Osomatsu’s shoulders. Osomatsu made eye contact with the boss, his face was littered with bruises and scratches, one of his eyes is closed shut, his nose bleeding. A reminder that he still owes money. “sit down,” Mamoru said, very dismissive of Osomatsu’s appearance. He looked over at the other, “You can go now. ”

The man left. “Still sending your lackey’s after me? Osomatsu asked, wiping the blood from his nose. “We’ve been generous with you with our money, Matsuno. ” The leader said, he watched as Osomatsu squirmed in his seat, not looking up at him, “I think it’s about damn time you pay us back, don’t you agree? ” Osomatsu said nothing, he didn’t bother to look up either. The boss grunted, he got out a cigarette and lit it up, “I never met a man who owed us so much, 100,000 yen, that’s a new record! ” “I can’t pay you back,” He finally said, looking up at the mob boss with a pleading look, “It’s too much–”

The mob boss held up his hand and Osomatsu immediately shuts up, “You’re going to pay us back, rather you like it or not. Tell me, Matsuno, Are you a sextuplet? ” Osomatsu’s eyes widen at this, “How did you—” “We’ve been following you,” Mamoru taps the end of his cigarette, grinning from ear to ear, “I need to know my clients before I give them my loan. Are your brothers’, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu? ” Osomatsu didn’t say a word. “If you fail to give us our money, your brothers are going to suffer.

One by one, got it? ” “You can’t… He didn’t get to finish as Mamoru raises his hand again, “Shut it. ” He looks towards the door, “Oi, you can come in. ” Within minutes, two men stepped into the room, one held a bat while the cracked his knuckles, “Teach him a lesson. The hard way, and don’t make a mess like the last time. ” Osomatsu had to hide his battered face for a week after that. Choromatsu rubs his temple in frustration, he was still conflicted, thinking one of his brothers did it. It had to be pure coincidence at this point, the suspect had the same height, hair, eyes, and the hoodie looks familiar.

He could be paranoid. “What are you doing, Choromatsu? ” He probably was thinking too much to notice Osomatsu had taken a seat next to him, “Nothing. ” Choromatsu answered, he took a look at his brother and let out a exasperated sigh, “Osomatsu-niisan! Your nose! ” Osomatsu waves his hand in dismissal, “It’s nothing! Your stupid clumsy brother hit a door at work! Nothing to worry about! ” He did his signature, rubbing his index finger under his nose to ease his brother’s worries. “Is that what happened last week? ” Choromatsu frowned, he think Osomatsu wouldn’t notice. But, he did.

The way he avoided eye contact with his brother’s, he had to wait until his brother was sleeping to see his face, upon looking at. He was horrified. It was more than just a little accident. “Fight at work,” He answered, “Don’t worry about it, okay? If you’re worried that I’m going to get fired, that isn’t the case. ” Choromatsu frowns, not really satisfied with his explanation. “Try to be more careful, Osomatsu. ” “Yeah, yeah. ” Osomatsu waves his hand again, “You worry too much. Listen, I have to go to work, okay? ” Osomatsu sprung up from the ground and without another word, he left the room.

Choromatsu couldn’t help but feel suspicious of him. “Choromatsu. ” Choromatsu snaps out of his thoughts yet again to see Ichimatsu standing before him. Choromatsu immediately stood up in alarm when he saw Ichimatsu’s face, a part of his face was swollen and the other filled with bruises. “What happened? ” Choromatsu wanted to believe that it was the cat’s that scratched Ichi. It wouldn’t make sense, though. Ichi was good with cats. Ichimatsu didn’t answer right away, he just stared at his brother.

Wondering if He knew what was going on, Choromatsu seemed genuinely worried, so he might not know. Some guy and his friends tried to beat me. ” The key word, ‘tried. ‘ Ichimatsu took them all without much effort, they managed to land some punches here and there, mostly on his face. But, Ichimatsu had the upper hand. He kicked one of them in the balls, punched one flat in his face and threw one of them on the ground. “What did they want? ” “They asked for Osomatsu. ” Choromatsu pales when he heard his brother’s name, what on earth was his eldest brother up to…? “Sit down,” He shook his head and went to the kitchen to get the first aid kit from the cabinet.

He got a cotton ball, pouring the alcohol on it before placing it on Ichi’s eye. He could have sworn he saw his younger brother flinch. “That’s all? ” He pried, wanting more answers. “They said that he owes money, I guess they confused him for me. ” Choromatsu cursed his brother’s name, he was back to his old habits again. He can’t wait till his brothers get home. He was going to get the ass kicking of a life time, “Don’t say anything yet, we’ll have to confront him as a family. ” Ichimatsu grunted, “okay, but I get to kick his ass first. “