Short Story: The Titan Oracle Essay

Prologue: Omens
There once was a mythology of gods and goddesses who selfish with their magic. Their parents forever cursed them to only use their gifts for selflessness and honesty. But one child turned against her parents and she was the most powerful and destructive of all. She escaped their curse and exiled herself to the Underworld where she continues to torture those many souls who enter her domain.
The Titan Oracle foretold of a descendant born of the Light and raised of the Dark who would restore order to the throne of earth and the heavens. With her powers of foresight, came her prophecy;
Through the gate of Oracle’s Arc
There, will the descendant of the Light and the Dark
Raise the bow and take its mark.
If Soul is Pure and if…

She had never been summoned to the palace before now, and she didn’t even know who from the palace was asking. Crossing the room in two bounds, Sarah tripped through the closet curtain and hit the ground. Rubbing her shoulder, she stood, and surveyed the racks upon racks of clothing. Flipping through hangers of dresses and tunics that would put royals to shame, she pulled out a dark green velvet tunic trimmed in black fur and matching black tights. Pulling on thigh high leather boots, Sarah carefully concealed two long blades at her calves. Sarah slung her quiver of arrows across her back, and fastened her cloak around her shoulders. Her arrows are made from the yew tree with feathers from the Red Phoenix and polished obsidian…

Market Day attracted people from across the country with its exotic merchandise imported from the furthest reaches of the distant continents. Sarah passed several merchants who had laid their goods on woven rugs atop the cobblestones, and gilded carriages trapped by the continuous flow of bodies. A group of nobles up ahead had gotten fed up enough that they disembarked from their coach and began pushing through the crowd. One- a man- shoved an elderly woman carrying a threadbare bag of produce, and she staggered, collapsing to the ground with a moan. Sarah lunged forward as the woman fell, and caught her. The bag split open, and its contents spilled across the stones. Carefully, Sarah eased the elder to her feet, and placed gnarled cane back into her hand. The woman gave her a grateful smile, and patted her cheek. Sarah smiled in return, and whirled around. The noble was still unsuccessfully trying to thrust his way through the knot of market…