Tattoo Discrimination

Body arts is a term that is most likely associated with tattooing and piercing. Body arts originated from the African and American tribal cultures most likely in East African countries. These tribes usually adopted those traditions based on their beliefs and by both males and females. Tattoos and piercings are forms of body art that people use to express themselves. Body arts are enjoyable in specific ways of self –image. Body arts are often used as a symbol to remember a lost family member, someone they love or something important that occurred in their lives.

But, in addition body art has its negative effects such as health, career wise and body changes. However, most believe that body art, it’s another way to show the beauty of certain body parts. In the United States, the fashion trend is not only about wearing designer garments, but also having body piercings and ink (tattoos). This has become a very popular tradition adopted by young adults. In addition, having body tattoos and piercings can lead to negative effects on people’s lives.

In the article Tattoo discrimination shouldn’t exist in the workplace by Jenna Prewett “In present day America, employers are not allowed to separate against their potential or hired employees based on their race, sex, handicaps, religion, and other factors. Laws have been created to protect the rights of Americans in the workplace. However, there is still a form of discrimination that exists today. This discrimination is centered on employees or applicants with body modifications such as tattoos.

Discrimination is the workplace is current and affects a large percentage of the young adult population. Ink could be a career for the ones who design them, but a loss of a lifetime job for the ones who carry them. Piercings and tattoos could hurt chances of getting a job. For example, while applying for jobs a resume could describe someone with a lot of latent, but with dramatical facial piercings and tattoos could classify someone has been part of a gang or uneducated.

People think that getting facial or exposed tattoos and piercings shouldn’t always be an issue at a work place. In certain positions in the work industry, such as working at a retail store, they most likely let people express themselves with the body arts, but never really get a higher position in the company such as becoming a manager or supervisor but usually sales associated, cooks or cleaners. In other places such as banking or working in an office, these bodies’ arts are not acceptable unless they are fully covered.

Forty percent of young adults between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five have at least one tattoo or body piercing. Body arts do not only affect or prevent people from getting the jobs that they aim for but can also have a huge effect on health. I personally have six body arts (three tattoos and three piercing),I originally started with seven, all of them were done because I wanted to be like my favorite artist and be like my friends ,then I removed my tongue piercing.

At first you think that body art will make you feel sexy and attractive to the public as a girl, but they really, don’t they create certain holes or scars in the body that will never go away. For example, nipples piercing are sexy for female and we tend to use them to enhance our sexual pleasure in one specific manner, but often forget that it could have many different effects such as getting infections when the piercing does not heal completely or does not get clean properly often and the types of jewelry are used.

Another effect will be for girls that plan on becoming future mothers and who want to of course breastfeeding their babies. How is that work? Nipples piercing for some people can take a full year to heal completely. Well, after a while the scar tissue from nipple piercing can block the free milk flowing. The breast milk can also be damaged if the piercing are not one hundred percent heal either after getting the piercing or taking it out. Aside from breast feeding issues for female’s nipples piercing, Hepatitis C, Blood-borne diseases, skin infections and HIV could also be a dangerous one.

Yes HIV can be transitive from having piercings and tattoos. Dirty needles can transmit infections from one person to another. While getting a tattoo there is ink injected in the skin, and if the person bleeds a lot on the needles it’s could be transmitted. A lot of professional art designers will use the same needles they used on the previous customer to another, just because they do not want to waste another equipment’s to do a simple piercing or tattoo and believe that a quick and easy will never be a problem.

For example, you may have not heard of a Tattoo party, well it is often when tattoo artist will have a party where he will lower the prices of his tattoos or piercings and do as many as he can in one night to make more money. People who often want the easy way out (pay cheaper prices for what they want). Allergies can occur due to ink pigmentation in both temporary and permanent tattoo and can cause skin damage. Tattoos and piercing that is no longer wanted can be removed. For pierced part of the body, it will of course be easy by simply removing the ring from the hole, in another for tattoo money will have to come up first.

Whether they are permanent or temporary dermatologist can remove tattoos in different ways, but the well know will be the laser tattoo removal. The tattoo removal process cannot always be completely removed when there are two different types on one area. Overall, body arts can be very attractive and seductive, but can also come with a lot of consequences over time and affect an individual life on career, connections and health. In my onion it is not bad to have body arts, but being a lot careful of where and who to get them from is one of the most important things.