Teacher As A Leader Essay

Teachers are leaders. They are the teacher, they set the classroom tone, and students often see them as mentors. Through everything teachers have to do, being a leader is their number one priority. They have to be able to handle tough situations without hesitation or disbelief that it could happen. Teachers care about their students more than anyone else in the world does, even though not everyone can see that right away. Some of us have had some pretty great teachers throughout life who made us good people today.

They’re probably some of our heroes too who went the extra mile taking the time out of their busy days helping students with whatever was needed at that specific moment including anything from applying for college to getting over dangerous struggles in their own lives. Every teacher in the world does their best and gives everything they can to make sure students get a good education with everything around them changing in today’s society. Teachers are leaders, mentors, and even heroes throughout life for students that look up to them.

Teachers are leaders. They set the tone for their class, guide students, and most importantly they motivate students to succeed. The teacher is the most important person in a student’s learning environment because of this leadership role they play. Without leaders, there is no direction or motivation to follow. A teacher can be an effective leader without necessarily having management experience before becoming a teacher.

Teachers have been trained extensively in pedagogy and classroom management skills while earning their teacher certification, so many teachers have already gained expertise in leading students even before being hired as a teacher. Training all new teachers with these leadership skills would increase excellence within schools and systems across the country. Teachers do not focus enough on their leadership roles while being mentored by administrators, though administration is one of the teacher’s main priorities.

Leadership is not just about telling students what to do. Leadership is also about inspiring students to work toward their personal achievement goals. A teacher must create an environment where students feel free to make mistakes, take risks, and become actively involved in their own education (Lombardi). Teachers should be encouraging leaders who spur their students on to success by example. Mentorship for new teachers has always played an important role in teacher development, but teacher leadership should officially become part of teacher training programs.

The current mentoring system relies heavily on classroom observation; however, this process does not provide enough opportunities for new teachers to learn how they can best lead other teachers. Teachers are leaders whether or not they realize it. Just like they set the tone for their classroom and mold students’ characters, teacher can also influence things such as school culture and teacher work quality. Teacher leadership development should be a priority for teacher certification programs because teachers who understand their leadership roles in schools can help improve student achievement.

Teachers are leaders. Leadership skills require years of training to be successful at, but teacher certification programs already provide that training. Mentorship is an excellent way to learn leadership skills, but teaching new teachers about leadership should be added to teacher preparation programs. Improving teacher leadership would increase judging teacher performance by student achievement rather than only looking at test scores alone.

Touching more lives, affecting the outcome of so many futures a teacher is the epitome of a leader. Just as a leader has his or her own style, their way of motivating their students also plays an important part in a student’s success. Spending more time with our children than most parents do, a teacher is fundamental in shaping our children. If they are poor leaders our children suffer. A teacher, just like a leader is not born that way , they are made. They are made through the experiences of life, sometimes mistakes and other times great success.

Over our lifetime we have all come in contact with many types of teachers, for some good reasons others bad. I was blessed to have had mostly good teachers in my life. A teacher has the ability to make you feel safe, comfortable and secure. For me they are our second parents. First impressions are important in life, especially when it comes to leadership. The first impression a teacher gives will play a huge part in how that teacher is perceived by his or her students for years to come. I remember my first teacher Mr Stroud, he had this uncanny way of making us all feel welcomed into his class.

He was different then most teachers I had before him because he cared about what we thought as well as cared about our opinion on the subject matter at hand. He made himself available after hours for us if needed so not only did we respect him but also looked up to him with gratitude. I still to this day remember his class and the lessons he taught. He was an incredible teacher! I believe that teachers are extremely misunderstood, yes they work hard but most of all they want to see their students succeed. They will do everything in their power to help each child achieve what is needed for them to grow into successful adults one day .

Some teachers go above and beyond with little or no reward. Teachers give up so much of themselves to make sure we are safe, comfortable and secure while at school. Most teacher’s personal lives suffer because of this lack of support in education. Studies show that teachers with low self-esteem do not last very long in the profession either retiring early or moving on to another career path altogether. To make a teacher effective they need to be equipped, motivated and feel appreciated. Teachers are leaders in the school system, whether it’s at the elementary level or high school students will follow their example.

They are expected to model good behavior that is conducive to learning, teaching others how to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. They set an example for our children through words and actions every day. A teacher also has the responsibility of opening up all sorts of opportunities for his or her students often times working extra hours with little reward other then satisfaction knowing they have helped someone else. Many teachers’ jobs are thankless which is unfortunate because teachers work so hard to attract new students into their classes while still trying their best to educate them with dedicated service.

Leaders motivate and inspire others, teacher’s are the same way in this aspect too. I remember my teacher’s saying ” If you can dream it or think it you can achieve it” is what I still hold on to today. This along with many other words of wisdom shared with students throughout our time together helped me grow into who I am today as a person and as a teacher myself. Just like leaders teacher’s have a huge role in shaping a students life for years to come if they are doing their job well which should be to educate not only the mind but also the soul which is equally important.

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