Salvation Experience

It was through my own personal salvation experience that I realized the power of Jesus Christ. I grew up in a Christian home and went to church every Sunday. However, I never really understood the concept of salvation until I was older. I always assumed that since I was a good person, I would go … Read more

Field Education Experience Essay

Field Education Experiences Field Education is an integral part of the Master of Social Work curriculum, providing you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom. You have the opportunity to work with real-life clients under the supervision of a seasoned social worker. My experience in this course has been very helpful to … Read more

Lucifer In Psalm 23 Essay

In addition, during the Renaissance period, the King James Bible was considered as the greatest prose work, as it offers the opportunity for English speaking world to examine their faith in a more independent expression. One of the psalms from the King James Bible written by King David, the psalm 23, greatly represents to the … Read more

Atonement Research Paper

The title of this week’s lesson gives us a very good question to contemplate here in this classroom today. Men have contemplated and attempted to give a logical answer to the question of why would God give such a wonderful gift as atonement to humanity when it cost Him so dearly. Jesus Christ the Son … Read more

Pope John Paul 2 Analysis Essay

Pope John Paul II’s first encyclical letter was published couple of month after his pontificate in 1979. “Redemptor Hominis” is the name of the document which was read on the first Sunday of the lent in all churches. This letter showed Pope’s way of thinking and his pastoral approach. The letter indicated how far ahead … Read more

The Importance Of Praying In The Church Essay

Question 1: Scot McKnight discusses the importance of both “praying in the Church” and “praying with the Church. ” Describe what he means by each type of praying. Where in Scripture can we find examples of both kinds of prayer? Further, what is the relationship between the two types, and how might they contribute to … Read more

Compare And Contrast David And Moses Essay

David and Moses are two very important people in our history and both play a huge role in the shaping of mankind. Moses, meaning “drawn from water” and David, meaning “Beloved” were both similar in many ways, but also different in the ways they came to be. Many people have heard of these two men … Read more

Pope John Paul II Research Paper

Four gunshots reverberated throughout the crowded streets of Saint Peter’s Square, May 13, 1981. A shocked man looked down at his blood-stained once white robe. He was rushed to the Hospital while his would-be assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca was detained until arrested. Within four days of being shot, Karol Wojtyla, more commonly known as Saint … Read more

Promised Land In The Old Testament Analysis Essay

The sexual intent of the Old Testament is throughout the manuscript, as the Prophet Isaiah continues to reference the LORD’S marriage with His people by further declaring, The reference to ‘land’ repeatedly describes a person’s being or body as its actual meaning. Hephzi-bah, in Hebrew means ‘my delight is in her’ and Beulah means ‘husband/married. … Read more

Contradictions In The Bible Essay

The Christian Bible is not a reliable source of information whether historic or religious. The New Testament, written by “inspired” men, is no more than a highly exaggerated account of Jesus’s ravings. The falsity of the Bible’s teachings are shown in the many contradictions found in the Bible and in promises that are not kept. … Read more