Who Is Armand In Desiree’s Baby

Armand in Desiree’s Baby is a fascinating character. On the one hand, he seems like a typical 19th century Creole gentleman: wealthy, well-educated, and with a strong sense of propriety. On the other hand, he is fiercely proud and has a quick temper. He is also very judgmental, particularly when it comes to race.

Armand’s racial prejudices are evident from the beginning of the story. When he first meets Desiree, he is immediately attracted to her and declares that she is “the prettiest child” he has ever seen. However, he is also quick to point out that she is not entirely white: “her eyes were not black but a deep blue; they were her mother’s eyes.” Desiree is unaware of her mixed heritage, but Armand is not. He knows that she is part quadroon, which means she is one-quarter black.

Despite his knowledge of Desiree’s background, Armand marries her and they have a child together. At first, all seems well. Armand dotes on Desiree and their child, and he seems to be completely happy. However, things begin to change after the birth of their son.

Armand becomes increasingly obsessed with the baby’s appearance. He scrutinizes every detail, looking for any sign that the child might be black. When he finds a small patch of dark skin on the baby’s arm, he goes into a rage. He blames Desiree for the child’s appearance, and he accuses her of being black herself.

Desiree is devastated by Armand’s accusations. She has no idea where the dark patch on her son’s arm came from, but she knows that she is not black. She tries to reason with Armand, but he will not listen. He is convinced that she is a liar and a cheat, and he orders her to leave his house.

Heartbroken, Desiree takes her son and goes away. She never sees Armand again, but she always remembers him with sadness. She knows that he was a good man, but she also knows that his racial prejudice was too strong for him to overcome.

“Desiree’s Baby,” by Kate Chopin, is a short story that deals with love, prejudice, and rejection, as well as racism. The tale progresses during a time when races were separated, with whites being wealthy and superior while blacks were poor and subordinate. Throughout this short tale, social status and how human relationships were influenced by power and appearance became the narrative’s emphasis.

Desiree is a beautiful woman who falls in love with Armand, a rich white man. The couple gets married and they have a baby. Desiree’s happiness doesn’t last long because when her baby is born, it is black. Desiree’s Baby becomes a symbol of her ruined happiness and also a representation of how power can change human relationships.

Armand is Desiree’s husband and the father of her child. He is a proud man who comes from a wealthy family. Armand is prejudiced against blacks and this is evident from his actions and words throughout the story. When he first sees his child, he immediately rejects it and tells Desiree to leave his house. Armand’s pride and prejudice prevent him from accepting his own child and this ultimately leads to his downfall.

Desiree’s baby is a symbol of her ruined happiness. Desiree loves her baby unconditionally, but Armand’s rejection of the child destroys her happiness. The baby also represents how power can change human relationships. Armand’s rejection of the child is based on the fact that it is black, which shows how racism can ruin even the most loving of relationships.

“Desiree’s Baby” focuses on the life of Desiree, a young woman who is adopted by the Valmondé family when she is abandoned in front of their home. This young lady marries Armand Aubigny, who had one of the most illustrious and conceited names in Louisiana, and who at first fell in love with Desiree in a way that he didn’t concerned about her origins and gave her his greatest name.

Desiree gives birth to a baby who is mixed-raced, and when Armand sees the baby he immediately realizes that Desiree must have had black ancestry, which she was unaware of. This makes him feel disgusted with her and leads him to desert her. Desiree is left alone with her child, and she eventually kills herself and her child rather than face the shame of Armand’s rejection.

This story highlights the importance of family heritage and lineage in society at that time. It also shows how people who were considered to be of a higher class looked down upon those who were not as fortunate, regardless of whether or not they had done anything to deserve it.

Armand Aubigny is a character in “Desiree’s Baby” who embodies the ideals of Southern aristocracy. He is proud, wealthy, and cares deeply about his family name and lineage. When he discovers that Desiree is not of pure French descent, he rejects her completely, even though she has done nothing to deserve it. This shows how shallow and superficial Armand is, and how little he actually cares for Desiree herself.

While Armand may seem like a heartless character, it is important to remember the context in which he lives. At that time, family heritage was extremely important, and mixed-race children were looked down upon by society. In some ways, Armand is a product of his environment and the expectations placed upon him by society.

Despite all of this, Armand is ultimately responsible for his own actions. He could have chosen to accept Desiree and their child, but instead he rejected them both. In doing so, he caused Desiree immense pain and suffering, which eventually led to her death. For this reason, Armand must be held accountable for his actions, and he is not a sympathetic character.”

Armand and Desiree’s son was born with black skin, which was considered a disgrace by Armand at the time. This is significant because it shows Armand’s true character as a violent and insensitive person who only cares about his social status.

Armand’s racist outburst towards his son and Desiree can be seen as result of the deep insecurity that Armand feels about himself. He is afraid of being rejected by society because he is not pure white. This fear manifests itself in Armand’s violent behavior. He turns his fear into anger and projects it onto Desiree and their child.

Armand is a very insecure person, which is why he is so concerned with what other people think of him. He wants to be accepted by society and he will do whatever it takes to fit in. This is why he reacts so violently when he finds out that his son is not white. Armand is afraid that people will laugh at him and make fun of him if they find out. He is also afraid that Desiree will leave him if she finds out.

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