Before The Flood Summary Essay

Before the Flood is a movie about Climate Change. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is directed by Fisher Stevens. The movie was released in 2016 and has a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Before the Flood follows DiCaprio as he interviews various experts on Climate Change and visits different parts of the world that are being impacted by it. Before the Flood aims to educate viewers on the severity of Climate Change and what can be done to prevent it.

The book is a bit more academic, diving into issues such as the consequences of industrialism on our planet, what our future holds, and what we should be doing to reverse our behaviors. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is both an actor and an environmental campaigner, attempts to bring across the notion that climate change is genuine and that it is harming our planet. He stresses this message once again while traveling throughout various nations around the world to Brando’s character.

The movie Before the Flood tries to educate its viewers on the severity of climate change and what we can do to change our ways.

Climate change is a real and pressing issue. It is something that we as humans have caused and it is up to us to try to reverse the damage that we have done. Before the Flood is an important movie because it brings attention to this problem and encourages people to take action. If we do not change our ways, our planet will continue to suffer and future generations will pay the price. We must act now before it’s too late.

I am confident in all of the climate change campaigners he met, and I think their study and predictions are correct. These men and women have dedicated their lives to understanding the Earth, its climate, as well as human activity’s effect on the environment, so I have faith in them.

Before the Flood paints a very scary picture of what could happen if we don’t act now to try to save our planet. It’s a must-see for anyone who cares about the future of our world.

From Before the Flood, I learned that climate change is real and it is happening right now. We are already seeing its effects, and things are only going to get worse if we don’t do something about it. I also learned that there is still time to act, but we need to act quickly and decisively.

I would recommend Before the Flood to anyone who wants to learn more about climate change and what we can do to prevent it from causing even more damage.

The world’s top ice sheets are located in Greenland. While there, Leo met Professor Jason Box, a researcher who studies artic ice sheets in Greenland. Global warming has caused the ice in Greenland to melt. On the ice, Box used a hose to record the levels, and he showed Leo a stack of hoses on the ice. “The hose went down 30 feet but [the ice] has now melted out,” said Box. Thousands of cubic kilometers of sea Ice were stored on land that is now flooding into the ocean over five years since melting began.

The ice in Greenland is important, because if it all melted, the sea level would rise by 20 feet. That would mean that many coastal areas would be underwater, including New York City.

According to Box, we’re “on a course for an unmanageable level of warming,” and it’s happening faster than scientists had thought. He blames humans for the rapid change, saying that we’re “pushing the climate system toward tipping points.” He urges people to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent further damage.

In addition to Box, Leo also spoke with climatologist James Hansen. Hansen has been sounding the alarm about climate change for decades, and he says we’re in a “dangerous situation.”

The third voice that Leo encountered was astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers. Unlike most, Dr. Sellers has seen the Earth and its thin atmosphere from space and has access to maps showing the current deterioration of natural resources as well as future projections. “The ice is melting, the Earth is warming, the sea level is rising—those are facts”, Sellers remarked after displaying Leo the maps.

He further states that the “the CO2 is building up in the atmosphere and that’s indisputable”.

– Before the Flood movie is about Climate Change and the effects it has on our planet.

– The movie Before the Flood features many experts including astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers.

– In Before the Flood, Dr. Piers Sellers shows maps of the Earth’s decaying natural resources and predictions for the future.

– The bottom line: Before the Flood is about Climate Change and its effects on our planet.

I had already seen various environmental and climate-change documentaries. I was unaware, however, just how important Leonardo DiCaprio is and how much he cares about the environment. Hearing from so many different professors, doctors, and environmentalists was fascinating to me. Every person Leonardo spoke with offered him something new or demonstrated something new to him; I never felt like I was hearing the same thing again and again.

Before the Flood is about Climate Change. I would definitely recommend Before the Flood to anyone who wants to know more about climate change and what we can do to help the environment. It is important for everyone to be informed about these things so that we can all make a difference. Even if you are not entirely convinced by the end of the movie, it will at least give you a lot to think about.

I was very disappointed in the lack of female presence. To my knowledge, only two women scientists were directly addressed in this movie, which is rather discouraging since there are many women working in this area. It had been a while since I’d studied climate change, and Before the Flood refreshed my memory on it. I am completely persuaded that climate change is real, and I have always been convinced of that.

I think Before the Flood did a great job of highlighting some key points and making them digestible for people who might not be as up-to-date on the subject. I also appreciated that it showed both sides of the issue, even if I don’t agree with the other side.

I think Before the Flood is an important movie that everyone should see. It’s well made and informative, and it will hopefully help to change some minds about climate change. If you’re not convinced that climate change is real, or if you’re on the fence about it, I urge you to watch Before the Flood. It just might change your mind.

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