Best Compression Pants Essay

1. Intro: What are compression pants? Why are they used? etc (Approx 400 words) It has now become the norm top sport various athletes with a skin-tight compression pants, compression shorts and compression socks. Compression garments is fast taking its space as a favorite sports performance gear by professional and recreational athletes. The garments become popular after scientific reports indicated that it offers ergogenic aid. The other benefits of compression garments include improvement in performance, faster recovery, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), Less edema post competition and less fatigue. Beside the clinical benefits, compression garments are also attractive to wear and come in variety of stylistic colors and patterns. The garment can also help regulate temperature by keeping you warm and are fairly affordable for most part compared to the more expensive technical shirt.

The garment is specially designed to deliver a certain level of pressure to the covered limb. Clinically speaking, the pressure ranges from 20 to 40 millimeters of mercury, although issues such as the flexibility of the limb and clinical indication may affect the performance. A study conducted on 6 athletes reported that runners who wore compression socks experienced a 26 percent reduction in their VOXmax or the measure of oxygen uptake after reaching the lactate threshold. The ability of compression gear to prevent lactic acid accumulation or enhance lactic acid clearance indicates that the gear has the ability to raise blood lactate accumulations.

In terms of it physical effects on various body parts, wearing a tight shirt after sports can apply some pressure on the upper body. This pressure can reduce swelling as well as inflammations. For the hips, quads and gluteus, a compression pants can squeeze blood flow back to the heart, thus slowing the rate of fatigue. Most athletes who run long distance races often experience swollen ankles. This problem is also common after driving for long hours or working behind the desk long enough. If you wear compression socks, you can greatly minimize the risk of incurring deep vein thrombosis, which is a very common condition in the leg.

(NYT Remove). Although the clothing’s are thought to enhance proprioception, which is the manner or sense of how the body is positioned in space thereafter improving the efficiency of movement in addition reducing the number of muscle needed to remove undesired biochemical’s or exercises. The downside of using compression garments such as compression pants is because of its gives off a lot of information about your body and this may be uncomfortable for mother people. However, this problem can be overcome by wearing the pant as a base layer under the traditional gym clothing.

2. Review: [DRSKIN] DABB11 Compression Tight Pants Base Layer Running Leggings Men Women (Link: – Approx 300 words) This tight best selling compression pants is made from a material that is 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex. It features fabric-aerocool technology and is great for various sporting events including snowboarding, gym training and skiing and other weather inclined sports. The other featured technologies built into these pants include; two way air circulation, moisture sensing and quick time dry that ensures you stay cool during summer and warm during winter because it is has heat retaining abilities. The pant also has 99% UV blocking ability. The Baselayer compression pants are available for both men and women. This pant is perfect for outdoor workout and can fit people of various sizes including 4x small, medium and 3x Large. Users who have purchased this compression pants love it because it promotes quick recovery, made from high quality materials, easy to wear because it slides easily and very comfortable. Women love these pants because they fit perfectly with decent stitching and no uncomfortable rubbing. Its long lasting ability means you can wash and wear it several times without showing any signs of wear and tear and is reasonably priced. ADD

3. Review: 2XU Women’s Compression Tights (Link: – Approx 200 words) The 2XU compression pant for women is made in the US and features the superior Lycra-blend technology. This technology guarantees antibacterial and SPF 50 Sun protection, Certify Gradient Compression and lightweight and breathable. The main benefits of the 2XU technology include; graduated pressure regulation, reduced fatigue improved recovery and improved circulation. The other important feature include the optimal compression support with medical circular knit 70 Denier construction that ensures all round consistent and powerful pressure. The optimal compression support is also designed to support and protect the gluteus, quad, calf muscles, abductors and IT band muscles. These pants are also specially enhanced to ensure less soreness by encouraging increased circulation for improved muscle performance and quick recovery, muscle containment for min to minimize oscillation and vibrations. The other benefit of the enhanced performance is enhanced by its ability to produce less fatigue and cont reduce muscle damage.

The 2XU tight compression pants for women is suitable for aerobics sports, cycling, running, hiking, winter sports and gym and fitness. To experience its recovery benefits, it can be used for DVT protection, post exercise recovery at rest active recovery and air and general travel. Athletes who demand more power and support will find these pants especially appealing as it features hamstring support, PWX FLEX front panel and extra powerful PWX Weight in the rear panel for additional calf cover.

4. Review: Tesla Men’s Compression Base layer Pants (Link: – Approx 200 words) The highly attractive and stylistic Tesla men’s compassion Baselayer pant is designed to fit all seasons, especial the warm and cool temperatures. The pants are made from 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex material, which give it high elasticity with enhanced range of motion ability. This cool-gear shirt and pants is especially cool to wear in the outdoors and whenever you are performing indoor activities. The other outstanding features about this compression clothing include quick time dry, moisture sensing and two-way air circulation feature. The pants are designed to fit people with various body sizes, from x-small, medium to 2X-large. Most people are drawn to these pants because it fits as expected. However, if you like a looser fit, always make it a point to select a slightly bigger size. The ranges of colors available are classified as P16-CTG, TM-P16 RDK and TM-P33-CVamong other color variations. The item’s shipping weight is 4.2 ounces. The benefits of wearing these pants include;

•Promotes comfort and protection through its tantalizing flat lock seam •Controls blood flow and prevents swelling to ensure early recovery •Built with deodorizing function by fighting unpleasant smell •Ability to shield UV rays when performing various outdoor activities

5. Review: SKINS Women’s Ry400 Recovery Long Tights (link: – approx 200 words) The Skyns Women’s RY-400Recovery pant is delicately designed to offer world class comfort. Since quick recovery is critical in any fitness routine, the pants is made using the 400 series fit technology that increases the transfer of oxygen rich blood to recovering muscles and eliminates muscle soreness and fatigue caused by training by accelerating the removal of lactic acid. In terms of style, the pant features taped and bonded hem sleeves and hems openings that are sewn together to make it a top recovery garment. The material used constitutes 76 percent nylon and 24 percent spandex.

The pants should not iron or bleached. It can however be washed cold machine was friendly. The memory MX fabric feature is designed to return the pants to its original shape regardless of the stress levels it receives. In addition, the moisture wicking design, which features 50+ UV protection rating, makes it dry and comfortable to wear. The permanent antimicrobial treatment feature, on the other hand minimizes warp knit as well as odors. This compression pants for women is available in variety of colors and sizes including Small, Large and XLarge.

6. Review: Compression Pants – Men’s Tights Base Layer Leggings, Best Running/ Workout (Link: – Approx 200 words)

This high performance compression pants offers comfortable and breathable fitting to keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool in hotter temperatures. The pants are suitable for athletes, runners, joggers, cyclists, field sports gym workout, and cross-fit. The pant features the Proven Compression Technology that promotes blood circulation, muscle recovery and minimizes injuries. The flat lock seams stitching allows flexible mobility without skin irritation and chaffing. The pants are made from anti odor and anti itch material to help keep you dry and comfortable even after many hours. The 4-way stretch technology incorporated in the design to offer an excellent, snug fit while maintaining the shape even after multiple washes. This compression pant comes in different colors such as red, black, white, camouflage and green. The sizes available include small, medium, large and X-large. A summary of the benefits of wearing this pant include;

•Faster and easy recovery after long workout •Offers better muscle support and efficiency •Promotes blood circulation and reduce swelling •Helps retain body shape even after several washes •Allows greater flexibility and motion without irritation or chaffing