Personal Narrative: A Boring Life That Pays Off Essay

Is it sad that when it comes to writing a story all about me. Just one story, nothing comes to mind. This is what happens when you dedicate all your life to go to school and try to be the best you can be. Since I was a little girl all I ever did was think about going to school, getting good grades, and just making sure to be able to make your teachers happy. Especially your parents because if you did otherwise you would end up with a beating. When I got good grades it was mostly just so I would not get grounded. I always lived in a nutshell, I do not even remember if Thad any friends.

It is such a sad thing to me just to sit here and write. Every one else writes about how they went on a fishing trip or some intresting story. What is my story? My story is getting up every day in the morning around six exercise for an hour, take a shower, leave home at seven thirty, be at school at eight in the morning, study for my classes or read a book. Then school starts at eight fifty-five in the morning and it runs until three fifty in the afternoon. Right after school I go home for five minutes and then go to work. I leave work from eleven at night to three in the morning.

Weekends I just get up at around seven thirty, take a quick shower and head to work at eight. I work until eight then I have to do my chores. I wish I had a life full of joy, a life with which I can talk about without having to think for hours. I just want to cry so much and live! I want to live, get to know people. I want to be someone! Growing up with responsibilities has been great since it made me a mature young adult. The downside is I never got to have a friend since my parents were strict and overprotective of me. They still are overprotective, but not as much since I got my job.

If I had the opportunity to leave my job, I would take the opportunity by all means. I would love to be able to live and be the actual kid of my age. I would love to grow old and sit back and say, “I remember when I was a young girl…! ” I do not want to say, “When I was a young girl I just spent all my time at my house and work. ” Actually, I am most likely going to say that I lived at school and work. I rarely see my parents and family. Heck, I sometimes do not see them at all, we can go days without seeing each other. Homework does not help me, it stresses me out.

Instead of going home from work straight to sleepl have to fight my desire to shut my eyes and stay up until sometimes four in the morning just to complete my homework. I do not just have one teacher I have four teachers and they all assign homework every day, and when I say homework I am not speaking of just one worksheet. I mean pages of homework and if by all means it turns out to be a page you must put hours of thought into all the individual questions. Sometimes I just want to give up and run away and just live in the wild, have a log house, grow my own crops and just enjoy natures beauty.

Just nature and I! Why not just drop out of school and leave home and live like | had said? There is no such place, there is no such opportunity. It is all part of life, boring! Boring like this story, boring like a white room filled with nothing. Excitement is not something I get to see every day. I do not think I have a n exciting story. I would love to trade places with someone else but at the same time I do not wish to do so! I have sacrificed my childhood, my teen years to school! All for what, to pay to learn more and if you fail, pay again and just take the class again.

Go into debt with a school just to learn more. What is going on in this world? School should be free, school should be one of the top priorities. For that reason I made the most important decision of my life. A change for the better, to become a Marine. I will not only have the opportunity to get a degree for free but also be able to travel the world and explore. Now that will be one exciting story to write about in the future. I will be able to make a change, be somebody. Be somebody unique, a person who is completely different than all the rest of the world. Finally all the sacrifices | have made will pay off.

The reward for all the late nights of work and dedication to school will have a meaning. I am thankful for the school’s system of preparing students to long nights without sleep and having them work with sleep deprivation. This has prepared me to be able to withstand long nights and control my mind. I tell myself every time I get sleepy that it’s all in my head, it’s just a feeling and it’ll go away. I loath school with a passion, but i yet indeed love it with all my heart. Tlook at school and I just see a place that I go to in my daily routine. Yes, that is what it is, a routine.

I can not wait until I ship to Basic Training. My life will continue to be a routine for three months. Those three months will determine if I have what it takes to be the few, the proud, the Marines! Once I make it alive I will join the Female Engagement Team and make a change. Be important, be that person that people look up to and have high expectations for. I will be proud of myself. I will be a part of something. My family will be proud of me and that smile on my mas face will break my heart into thousand pieces and my paps pride will build it back together stronger and better.