Nike’s Argumentative Essay

Badenhausen, Kurt. “LeBron James’ Monster Shoe Contract Is Still A Bargain For Nike. ” Forbes. Com (2015): 25. Business Source Premier. Web. 27 Feb. 2016. This article discusses Nike signing a lifetime agreement with LeBron James, arguably the best athlete in sports today after matching the Oklahoma City Thunder Star player Kevin Durant with under armour’s epic endorsement offer to keep him as a Nike athlete for another 10 years.

Nike showed their loyalty with LeBron James by giving him this lifetime agreement to pay him back after everything he has done for them ever since he skipped going to college to become a professional basketball player. Nike signed LeBron James in 2003 when he got drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron has been with them ever since, and has made a lot of money for Nike, and became even more popular because of his signature Nike shoes called LeBrons.

This article also how shows dominant Nike is in basketball shoes , but is having challenges with under amour because under armour have signed the current NBA MVP Stephen curry to a deal in 2013. Because of curry and his great success on the court ; under armour’s footwear has greatly increased in the past year ,and almost took of Nike’s biggest athletes Kevin Durant but Nike had to show they are still “the man” by matching under armor’s offer ;and signed their star back. Nike was able to use logos by matching under armor’s deal to Kevin Durant and successfully signing him. ‘Just Do It’ 25th Anniversary Nike Commercial. ” YouTube. YouTube. Web. 25 Feb. 2016.

This commercial begins with a woman tying her laces for her running shoes and the narrator saying “if you can run a mile , run a race , if you can run a race ,run a marathon , if you can run a marathon ; out run a movie star” . Then the narrator continues by saying if you can dance , move your legs;move your feet, move the ball, and shows a kid going against Gerad Pique a famous Barcelona Soccer Player . The narrator continues with the same thing; had a kid go against Jon Jones a Famous UFC Fighter.

He also had a girl that was good at table tennis go against Serena Williams in Tennis . To end the commercial he had a street basketball go against LeBron James , an NBA Star. Nike used all these known athletes for this commercial to tell kids that if there’s something that they really like ,and want to pursue they should go for it ;had these professional athletes be an inspiration for them. This commercial uses appeal to ethos by using professional athletes credibility to inspire young adults to play sports.

Nike is trying to get more kids and young adults active in different sports by telling them if they can do something well, like beat a friend in a one on one game why not play AAU basketball or join you school basketball team . I plan to use this commercial to show how nike used different celebrities to inspire kids to play sports. Stock, Kyle. “No Matter The Score, Nike Always Wins. ” Businessweek 4456 (2015): 18-19. Business Source Premier. Web. 27 Feb. 2016. This article deliberates how Nike improved jerseys for the NFL and their fans.

The article starts by saying how most NFL fans watch the game on Sundays with a jersey of their quarterbacks from parents to kids. Then elaborates on Nike betting big on the NFL by agreeing to pay about 220 million a year to make their own field jerseys and fan jerseys. Nike has changed the jersey business because over their three years of making jerseys, the amount of jersey being bought have greatly increased. Fans have started spending a lot more money on jerseys then they ever had in the past, which shows Nikes profit by taking on this jersey making business with the NFL.

Nike took over Adidas and reebok brands who used to make NFL jerseys , fans claim that the jerseys were too big ,and didn’t fit right especially for women and kids . Nike was able to “shrink it”, fans said Nike new jerseys were more fitted top with narrower , but still in the same colors and patterns as players on the field. With Nike being the designer women and children styles accounts for almost half of NFL jerseys sold. Nike has also sold three to four times as many jerseys as reebok did 10 years ago, according to this article.

Nike made it easier for the NFL and fans to request variations of jerseys like throwback jerseys and camouflage trimmed versions by honoring armed forces. These different little things Nike is doing that reebok or Adidas weren’t doing is why fans rather spend more on a jersey than what they’ve ever wanted to spent. The jump is almost about 150 dollars per jersey but fans don’t mind spending that much because they like what they’re getting from Nike’s new materials to all new throwback jerseys Nike makes. I will use this article to show how successful Nike has been in the last few years with the NFL.

VinceCarterNikeCommercial. “YouTube. YouTube. Web. 26Feb. 2016. This commercial starts with a famous nba player Vince Carter wearing a blue suit ,and a nike air max shoes. He starts coming down the stairs athletically by jumping down and landing on his toes , then he jumps up in the air to take a cat off a tree ,and shoots it like a basketball to an elderly lady. Then Carter does a flip in the air to jump over the mail man, after this a women was running after a robber who took her purse ,Carter sets a pic on a robber and made him fall , and gave the women her purse back by throwing it behind his back .

Vince then dances with that woman then took his suit off ,and was automatically in his basketball jersey ,and gears then went out to play. This commercial uses Vince Carter’s appeal of ethos and pathos of basketball fans to get people to buy their shoes . Nike is using vince carter the star basketball player to attract more customers to get their new airmax nikes. I’ll use this commercial to show how nike uses a celebrity to promote their new basketball shoes. “Consistent Branding: Don’t Mess with It. ” Marketing Week. N. p. , n. d. Web. 6 Feb. 2016. This article focuses on nike consistent branding strategy to stay at the top of the business across the globe. nike has ket the same slogan “just do it” ever since it was invented in 1988. Nike consistency has paid off as their shoe market has jumped almost 25 percent in worldwide sales betwenn 1988 and 1998. Nike doesn’t just advertise in the US but spends close to 300 millions dollars on just “just do it” advertisement all around the world. The author compared nike staying to their style ,and message to VODKA ABSOLUT.

The author continues and talks about how absolut has built on its brand creativity,quality which had stayed the same throughout their story. The author goes on about this and says “People find the story unique and the consistent manner in which we tell it underscores the authenticity and credibility of the brand. We have proved that the consistent message ,and story we have is motivating to consumers around the world. It’s a big part of our success. ”. The author also brings up the point of how keeping the same brand name and message can also be a problem for a brand.

Because technology is improving and people want to see different things from their favorite brand, it becomes a question why not change or brings up the idea , not with nike ;nike has kept their motto all throughout ,and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon because it makes them who they are. The article also talks about having a clear message helps the brand stand out over time. I plan on using this article to show nikes consistency throughout the years ,and how they have stick to one message which is “just do it”.

“Make Yourself Athlete: Sofia Boutella. YouTube. YouTube, n. d. Web. 28 Feb. 2016. This nike advertisement is by sofia boutella a Famous French Professional Dancer. This commercial starts with her saying to be a great dancer it takes a lot of training and a lot of time spending with your craft. she continues by saying there’s no secret when trying to become great , you need repetition , you just have to do it over and over again. she talks about her wanting people to see the music not just hearing it, which helps you get into it more ; and that when you are in tune with it it becomes one.

She starts dancing and jumping while talking when the commercial is over. Nike is using this advertisement to encourage young dancers , and are using a famous dancer such as Boutella to influence people to get their nike gears she’s using while moving ,and dancing throughout the advertisement. I’ll use this commercial to show how global nike really is, they’ve used a famous french dancer to influence their product when in europe the most known sports brand is adidas.