Scary Story Essay

When I finally fell asleep I was running. To this day I do not know what from. Whatever it was it must have been the most terrifying thing ever to exist for I seemed to be running without trying to. It was as if I had almost no control over my body. I wished to see what I was running from so I tried to open my eyes.

They were shut so tight that it felt as if they had been glued together. I tried to pry them open but it was as if something was holding them back, not letting me see. Suddenly, they opened. I did not know what to expect but what I saw paralysed me with fear. Death itself was chasing me. It’s rotten face grinning and it’s hands outstretched, eager to grab me. Death was only an inch away from me…

I awoke with a start. It was only a dream, I told myself. But it felt so real. Death had seemed so close to catching me. I could still see it’s face in my mind, leering at me. I tried to shake the image from my head but it was no use. That face would haunt me for the rest of my days.

I’m not sure what I was anticipating. Perhaps I thought my body would reject my commands as it hadn’t in the past when I ran. As a result, it was a surprise to me when, after my first attempt to open my eyes, they opened. I really wish I hadn’t made that mistake. What I saw continues to haunt me on most nights. Nothing beats it has ever been written or imagined in terms of horror.

But still I see it. The reaper comes for me. I was dead. There is no other explanation that makes sense. I had been bitten by a zombie and should have turned into one of those monsters myself. But I didn’t. Instead my mind was clear and I could see my own body lying on the ground, a look of terror frozen on my face. Then he came for me. The reaper. He was Death personified and he had come for my soul.

I tried to run but Death is always faster. He caught up to me easily and grabbed me by the throat. I expected to feel cold at his touch but instead it felt like fire burning through my skin. He dragged me kicking and screaming back to my body. I begged and pleaded with him to let me go but he only laughed.

For that reason, I find it difficult to describe what I witnessed that night not just emotionally but because the words do not exist to adequately communicate what I saw, but I will give it my all. It was worse than anything imaginable; there was a thick liquid running down the walls that looked alarmingly like blood. And it wasn’t just dripping; it was splattered across the walls as if someone had been murdered violently there.

The stench in the room was horrendous, and I could see maggots crawling around on the floor. There were rats everywhere, and they were not afraid of me; they just stared at me with their beady eyes. The only sound I could hear was the dripping of the blood and the occasional squeak of a rat.

I was standing in what appeared to be a dungeon, and there were cells lining the walls. Each cell had bars on the front, and I could see people inside them. They were all emaciated, and their clothes were tattered. Some of them looked up at me as I passed, and I could see the hope in their eyes. They thought I was there to save them.

There were scratches in the walls, as though someone had literally worn their hands down to the knuckles attempting to flee, as if that was the only way to survive. It didn’t appear logical to me that they would have stopped there at the time; it looked like miles and miles of horrors beyond.

The children always said that’s where the monsters lived. Death himself couldn’t have scared them more.

The problem was that no one could figure out how to get rid of the things. They were immune to fire and couldn’t be killed by any weapon known to man. The only thing that seemed to work was if you cut them in half, but even then they would just grow back together as if nothing had happened. The scientists had been working on a way to destroy them for years, but so far they had been unsuccessful.

One day, a new scientist came up with an idea. He said that he could kill them with sound waves. Everyone thought he was crazy, but they let him try anyway.

He went into the room with the monsters and started playing a loud noise. At first, nothing happened. But then, slowly, the monsters started to die. The scientists were amazed!

They asked the man how he did it. He said that he had studied their anatomy and knew that they had a weakness in their ears. By bombarding them with sound waves, he was able to destroy their ear drums and kill them.

The scientists were thrilled! They thanked the man and asked him what his name was. He simply smiled and said, “My name is Death.”

Then my feet began to burn. When I looked down, I saw why those poor people had stopped there. With two inches or more of nails sticking out of the floor, and the walls and ceiling, but these nails were scorching red. The phrase “turn back” was scratched lightly on the wall,” this is your doom,” and little scratchy tally marks all over the top of hundreds of tiny little skeletons all stuck on the spikes like spoils of war.”

Death was in the air, I could feel it. And then I saw HIM. Death himself was walking towards me slowly, his cloak billowing behind him. I tried to run but my feet were still on fire and I fell to the floor screaming in agony. Death just laughed and said “Welcome to my lair, you should have listened to those poor souls, now you will suffer for eternity!”

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