Zootopia Stereotypes Essay

The film Zootopia by Walt Disney is a funny and heartwarming story taking place in Zootopia , “a city like no other”. Zootopia is a place where humans never existed and animals took over and created cities and habitats that mimic those of human civilization. The film Zootopia has many interesting aspects, notably the presence … Read more

Individualism In Dead Poets Society

The film “Dead Poets Society” contains several clear examples of the philosophies in the film. One vital example is individualism, throughout the film one cannot miss seeing that individualism is an important aspect of society. The film takes place in a private boarding school called Welton Academy, where students must wear suits and follow strict … Read more

Stacy Moskowitz Film

“Snuff film” is a film that some claim to depict actual murder. The film would be an authentic recording of such, as if someone had filmed the events and sold copies on the black market. Supposedly, this film would continue to be traded on the street and watched by people who find it entertaining. Snuff … Read more

Edward Scissorhands Cinematic Techniques

Edward Scissorhands is a film directed by Tim Burton and produced by 20th Century Fox. With cinematography done by Stefan Czapsky, the film is very unusual for its ’90s time period because it uses many different film techniques that weren’t used much before or after that decade. Jump-cuts are cuts in film editing where there … Read more

Romeo And Juliet Critique Paper

It is not very often that Romeo and Juliet are portrayed as two people who are willing to disobey their parents for the sake of their love. The film Romeo + Juliet is a Shakespearean tragedy adapted by modern-day director Baz Luhrmann, Romeo + Juliet was released in 1996 starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo) and Claire … Read more

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Analysis

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a 1993 film directed by Lasse Hallstrom and starring Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Darlene Cates, and Leonardo DiCaprio. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (film) was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1994. The movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (film) – based on the novel – is about … Read more

The Patriot Movie Review Essay

The movie The Patriot movie review states that The Patriot is a movie about the American Revolution and that it is rated as one of the best Revolutionary War movies ever made. The Patriot follows Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) as he leads his family to safety, while trying to stop the violence between … Read more

Rana’s Wedding Film Analysis

In order to fully understand the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict, the history of the land must be discussed. According to James Gelvin, in the book The Modern Middle East, the Palestine-Israel dispute “is, simply put, a real estate dispute” (Gelvin 217). Both the Zionist, Jewish immigrants, and the Palestinian Arabs demand the Palestinian land. Prior to … Read more

O Play Vs Movie

If anyone is ever looking for a movie based on a Shakespeare play, poorly adapted into a modern story about high school basketball players, and complete with uninspired acting, then the movie O, directed by Tim Blake Nelson, is the perfect choice. The movie, which stars Mekhi Phifer, Julia Stiles, and Martin Sheen, takes place … Read more

Wizard Of Oz Feminist Analysis Essay

The Wizard of Oz was a powerful movie made in the thirties. It did not just tell a simple story of a girl who gets lost, but also brought many different ideas about current events of that time to the surface. The Wizard of Oz was released on August 25, 1939, a time where women … Read more

The Myth Of The Latin Woman Essay

“And God said, ‘love thy neighbor, because the two of you are more alike than you think. ” Nowadays in society, people tend to place labels not only on themselves but on others, in order to build walls to separate and divide all of humanity into classes. Sometimes these walls can grow taller than the … Read more

Poor Child Poverty Essay

In the film, What Poor Child Is This? Poverty and America’s Children published by Films Media Group the audience learns the horrifying reality of just how many of American children are considered poor. In America, which is considered one of the world’s most wealthy countries, there are 12 million children who are considered poor. This … Read more

Shes The Man Film Analysis Essay

The movie She’s The Man, directed by Andy Fickman it is shown that men always get the upper hand in almost everything and girls have to work twice as hard to get to an equal level as them. This movie gives out a feminism message saying women should be able to work alongside with men … Read more

Essay on Valkyrie By Bryan Singer: Film Analysis

The film, Valkyrie, directed by Bryan Singer, was released in 2008. It deals with events in Germany from 1943-44. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg was introduced as the main conspirator in the Valkyrie plot to kill Adolf Hitler. The film’s exploration of von Stauffenberg’s character and his motives were limited and substantially inaccurate, mostly altered to … Read more

Textual Analysis Of The Return Movie Essay

The Return, directed by Andrei Zvygiantsev, is a film that is ultimately about the evolving relationship between two brothers who had to grow up without a father. In the beginning of this film the brothers got in petty fights and didn’t take care of each other. The also had a hard time being independent and … Read more

Essay about Annie Get Your Gun Analysis

Feminist ideas have been around for a long time, but it was not until the early twentieth century that major social changes began to occur. During World War I, women slowly broke away from the social norms, as the country needed them to assume the roles of men in the society. The fact that women … Read more

Auteur Theory Of Film Authorship Essay

Film authorship, or auteurism, is a way in which film can be categorised according to the stylistic and narrative elements of the director. Auteur theory usually attributes the creation of a films artistic style solely to the director. Film authorship can be explored as a commercial, textual, or critical category as explained below in relation … Read more

Gender Stereotypes In The Film Mulan Essay

Whether or not society acknowledges and speaks on the global issues surrounding civilization, there are an abundant amount of sources that address certain problems without directly doing so. These hidden messages are found in children’s books, novels, music and, more specifically, films. For instance, Mulan, a children’s movie based on a mythical, women warrior, depicts … Read more

Dressed To Kill Essay

Brian De Palma, is a Hollywood director, who is famous for creating and directing horror films. De Palma has directed some of the most controversial and best known horror films of all time, taking inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock. Brian De Palma directed the movie Carrie, inspired by the book by Stephen King, which is about … Read more

American Superhero Definition Essay

No matter the origin, superheroes all have something in common with the other. No superhero is completely unique. If every hero was made entirely different then there would be no way to define a superhero. From nation to nation, superheroes vary, but there are a few things that a crucial to creating a prosperous superhero … Read more

Essay on O Calculus Film Analysis

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. This axiom highlights what many people perceive as mankind’s greatest weakness, fear. Fear commonly manifests itself in two forms, tangible and transcendental. For the people who seek the thrilling feeling of fear through movies, this combination can all but guarantee that picture will be a cinematic thriller. … Read more

Tajomarus Testimony In Rashomon Research Paper

Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon relays a perplexing realization about the human condition, that the concept of truth is fallible, or may not exist at all. For, in each account of the Samurai’s death, the manner, location, culprit, and motivation is different. The film begins by providing the audience with the most basic evidence of the murder: … Read more

The Soloist Movie Analysis Essay

In terms of movies, in my opinion, The Soloist is a pretty accurate depiction of what schizophrenia looks like. Most movies tend to overexaggerate symptoms of schizophrenia, or they make it seems like the character just develops schizophrenia overnight, but this movie did not do that. From a clinical standpoint, The Soloist is one of … Read more

Values In The Movie Purge Essay

Values are something that create a balance in the world, they keep the populations from living the movie Purge. There is a natural code of conduct that is governed by our values and it keeps us from killing each other without regard. However, it’s not just about killing but also stealing, judgement, and respect. It … Read more

David Finchers Use Of Ideology In Se7en Research Paper

David Fincher’s Se7en is an American thriller/horror film directed in 1995. The film follows the investigation of two detectives Mills (Brad Pitt) and Somerset (Morgan Freeman) through the series of murderers based on the seven deadly sins found in the Christian Bible. A puzzle film is designed so that every piece functions toward the overall … Read more

Essay on Legally Blonde Analysis

Directed by Robert Luketic, Legally Blonde is a film about a stereotypical valley girl, born into a rich family, used to getting everything she wants, and then breaking molds to prove she can rise above society’s expectations of privileged kids. Elle Woods, the main character and heroine of the story, is a wealthy and beautiful … Read more

Working Girl Film Analysis Essay

As a shy horticultural hobbyist and low-level British diploma, Justin Quayle is not a person to make fuss, until when he learns about his wife’s murder. Tessa has been murdered and left at the crossroad together with her driver. The first suspect is her doctor, Arnold Bluhm, on for it to be discovered that he … Read more

I Am Sam Analysis Essay

“I Am Sam” is about a man named Sam Dawson who has the mental capacity of a child. He works at a Starbucks and had a daughter named Lucy with a homeless woman who abandoned the two the moment they left the hospital and Sam is left to take care of Lucy all on his … Read more

Essay about Test Dummy Analysis

TEST DUMMY is a sci-fi, action script with an excellent premise. The script offers an intriguing visionary world. The idea of a test dummy coming to life in human form is a clever idea and it’s a concept that should be further developed. The story explores themes about redemption, second chances, and has the potential … Read more

Pocahontas Film Analysis Research Paper

I’ve known about Pocahontas ever since I was a little girl. I used to sit in front of the TV and watch it over and over again until | finally got bored. I think the directors, Eric Goldberg and Mike Gabriel, did a wonderful job on putting this movie together. Pocahontas is a Disney animated … Read more

Essay on Michael Clayton: Film Analysis

Tony Gilroy’s movie Michael Clayton appeared on the movie circuit in 2007, at a time when intellectual thrillers were at a highpoint and amoral lawyers acted as villains. I believe this movie contains messages surrounding the ideology of capitalism. It is best to understand, exactly what is meant by the term, ideology of capitalism. The … Read more

Voyeurism Here: Film Analysis Essay

“Besides making judgments about space, a viewer projects a stream of hypotheses about such factors as time, causality, character personality and motive, the efficacy of action, exposition, enigmas, plausibility, ethics, metaphors, rhythm, point of view, and much more. In general, a viewer comes to understand scenes by making detailed models of events. What might be … Read more

Book Thief Film Analysis Essay

Whilst the hardship and apprehension of World War II, this heart-warming and melodramatic film has an influential message anticipated to the audience demonstrate the assorted themes. The book thief, a film situated on a true story directed by Brian Percival and was released to the public, January the 9th 2014. The book thief is definitely … Read more

Essay on The Crow: The Myth Of The Film

“People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right. ” … Read more

Jurassic Park Analysis Essay

Jurasssic Park is a #1 New York best-selling, science fiction novel written by Michael Crichton. Hammond creates Jurassic Park with a small amount of staffs to increase efficiency and money flow. Hammond, instead of a large group of staff, has a computer system that operates all the park’s functions. A large function in the computer … Read more

Cool Running Film Analysis Essay

In the movie “ Cool Runnings”, the director mixes all different emotions with a storyline proving you can do anything that you put your mind to. The movie begins with Olympic hopeful Derice, running across Jamaica. He is doing this because he is training for the 1988 Olympic Games, and hopes to be a gold-medal … Read more

Essay on There Will Be Blood Analysis

The film “There Will Be Blood: is a movie about Daniel Plainview and his struggle to become a self-proclaimed oilman. In the film, Daniel is at war with mother earth in the fight for black gold. Throughout the movie, his ongoing battle alters his life in countless ways. It changes his family, friends and his … Read more

Pan’s Labyrinth Analysis Research Paper

The dark fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth is a fascinating example of creative story-telling. This film focuses on so many aspects between Ofelia’s imaginary world and the real world, including her stepfather fighting for the Francoist regime. This little girl is uprooted to a military outpost in Fascist-ruled Spain commanded by her new stepfather, the Captain. … Read more

The Lion King

Disney’s success continued in adapting their hit animated film into a theatrical phenomenon. I finally got to go see the musical version of The Lion King last week, and the first few words that come to my mind are: “amazing,” “stunning,” and “unbelievable! ” My expectations were met, as my eyes grew wider with the … Read more

Claire Huot Chinas New Cultural Scene

The film Red Sorghum was one of the most popular Fifth Generation films in China and Abroad. As an adolescent American kid, probably the average, I got to see a new perspective of China through this class. I wanted to compare the Wests interpretation with Chinas. One of the first things I did was compare … Read more

Pretty Woman vs Pillow Talk

The marriage plot has been quite prominent in the film industry over the past few decades. The plot that is characterized by its lead woman getting the lead man and vice versa, has contributed to such movie blockbusters as Pretty Woman and the classic film, Pillow Talk. While both films can be classifies as containing … Read more

The Literature about the Titanic

The Titanic sunk April 14, 1912 after crashing into an iceberg. More than 1,500 lives were lost. The sinking of the Titanic made a great impact in history. It was thought to be the fastest ship and to be unsinkable. Although the sinking of the Titanic was so long ago, lots of literature has been … Read more